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Out of the thousands of cleaning companies in London, PNP Cleaning brings you the most satisfaction and the best value for money. We are no starters in the business. Quite the contrary – for years we have been building a strong reputation of impeccable professionalism, reliable customer care and outstanding cleaning services. If you trust your home in our hands, we are not just going to clean it, we will bring a positive transformation to your entire environment

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Commercial Cleaning
PNP also offers commercial cleaning solutions such as restaurant, hotel, entertainment venue and office cleaning. We work with the best cleaning products in the UK and highly trained commercial cleaners so we have no doubt we’ll meet and exceed your expectations.

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Silvia Taylor

I am writing to thank you very much indeed for the cleaning service provided. Neli, who came to clean our kitchen after some nasty building work, was punctual, fast, thorough and highly skilled. I am very grateful indeed! I hope that Neli will be suitably awarded and made aware of our comments

Mark Johnes

You are truly professionals. Thanks for the good work

John Burnett

Thanks! Also I would like to add; your cleaners gave an excellent service, and would like to use you again in the future to clean my property. I look forward to speaking to you soon!

Sue Sue

Thanks! “HI there, I would just like to say that I am extremely impressed with the cleaning and will be recommending you to my colleagues and friends in the future.


Cathy Carnegie

Many thanks! I would also like to say how pleased I was with the result of the carpet cleaning

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Sunday: Closed (24/7)

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