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    10 Things to Leave Behind in 2018

    10 things to leave behind in 2018

    Can you believe it? 2018 is almost over and we are getting ready for a new start. New beginnings shouldn’t be accompanied by harmful things of the past. To make your 2019 better, brighter and more joyful, we have a list of 10 things you should leave behind in 2018.

    1. Wasting your time

    Distractions are everywhere, but if you truly want a successful 2019, you must eliminate anything that doesn’t make you richer, better or happier. In other words, no more time wasting! Act on your goals and dreams, learn new things, start that house renovation you are talking about for months, make memories that matter.

    2. Messy habits

    Research shows that people who keep an organised working space are high achievers in life. Whether you work from home or you go to an office, build a habit of tidying everywhere around you. This will boost your creativity and inspire new ideas. Clean up and keep it fresh!

    3. Negative people

    Naysayers have no place in your 2019. Anyone who doesn’t wish you well or doubts your abilities and talents should be left behind in 2018. It’s ok to break off relationships with people who are trying to pull you back, just because they can’t climb up to your level.

    4. Self-doubt

    Don’t let self-doubt stay in the way of your brighter future. In the new year make a promise to yourself that you will build your confidence in your own qualities, work and gifts. If you don’t trust yourself, trust us – you are amazing!

    5. Trying to please everyone

    You can’t please everyone around you and there’s literally no point in trying to do so. Focus on the people who truly matter to you and make it a priority to make them happy and proud of you. Don’t try to do it all. You are not a robot, you are a brilliant human with unique strengths and weaknesses. We all are! That’s why we designed to help and complete each other.

    6. Chemicals in everyday life

    Your main responsibility is to take care of your health and the health of your loved ones. Numerous scientific studies have shown that the chemicals we use in our everyday life and very harmful to our bodies. For examples, the mainstream cleaning products, detergents, air fresheners and even scented candles. Enter 2019 with a new mindset and take a step towards green living by exchanging all the cleaning supplies you bought from the superstore with eco-friendly natural solutions.

    7. Perfectionism

    You should always strive to be the best version of yourself, but you must accept that you’ll never be perfect. Quite frankly, there’s no need for you to be. Trying to do everything perfectly all the time only puts unnecessary stress on you. Take a step back from all this pressure you place on your shoulders. Relax. Even if your house is a mess sometimes, you are still doing great!

    8. Excuses

    We are all great at finding an excuse for everything we couldn’t get done. But really, we just didn’t want it done so badly. When something becomes your priority you forget about the reasons why you can’t do it, you just roll up your sleeves and do it. That’s what you should try more often in the new year. Leave the excuses behind in 2018.

    9. Old clothes that don’t fit

    You say your keep these for motivation because you want to get back in shape, but in reality, they are just cluttering your wardrobe. Keep a dress or two to inspire you to achieve your body goals, but get rid of the rest. Free space for new things, new experiences, new blessings.

    10. Your comfort zone

    No one ever became great by staying in their comfort zone. You want your 2019 to be better and more successful? Then take the risk! Be bold and leave the fear of failure behind in 2018. You don’t need it with you when you crossover to your new path of greatness.

    We hope you enjoyed reading this blog post. It’s a little different from what we normally publish on our pages, but as this is a special time of year, we thought we’d sprinkle some special inspiration, just the way we sprinkle positive vibes when we come to clean your homes. Speaking of cleaning, if you need it between or after the holidays, we are here to help!

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