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    12 Valentine’s Home Decor Ideas

    Valentine’s home decor ideas

    Love is in the air… why not bring it full on into your home? Whether you have someone to share this romantic holiday with, or just enjoying your lovely company, we can give you some great Valentine’s home decor ideas. Spice up your environment and fill up your heart with caring, gentle energy.

    1. Mini Love Notes

    There’s nothing sweeter than mini love notes you can stick across the house or organise as a calendar from 1st to 14th February. You can use them as an opportunity to tell your soulmate 14 reasons for being crazy about them. Also, if you are currently playing solo, you can write self-affirmation messages and remind yourself every day you are totally awesome and worth it.

    2. Fireplace of Love

    We usually associate fire with passion and cosiness. Having said that, the fireplace seems to be the perfect spot in the house to turn into Valentine’s love display. Use some heart-shaped garlands to decorate the area. Add fresh flowers and candles on top of the fireplace. The finishing touch here will be favourite photos that speak of joy and full dedication to your loved one.

    3. The Art of Kiss

    Be an artist, using just your lips… No, no, don’t go too far with your imagination. We mean put some lipstick on and try to draw a heart shape from kisses, placing your lips on an A4 piece of paper. Then put it in a frame and hang it on the wall. There you go – gorgeous artistic decoration with a brilliant personal touch.

    4. Make Use of the Colour Red

    If you aren’t that great with crafting things, there is a simple way to create a great Valentine’s atmosphere in your home. Just focus on the red. Get some red cushions, buy a bunch of red tulips or roses, display your red cover books on the side table and use more red mugs for your morning, daytime and evening drinks.

    5. Appreciation Jars

    All you need is two regular glass jars and some white and red paper. Cut out a heart from the red paper and perhaps an oval shape from the white one. This will be your jar label. Then stick it to the glass and now you have pretty Valentine’s jars. Use them to store nice things you’d like to say to your other half, not only in February but throughout the entire year. If relationships are not your things at the moment, just fill the jars with chocolates and get your daily dose of endorphins through that dark sweet magic.

    6. Cute Driveway

    The Lovmosphere doesn’t have to start only after you go through the front door. In fact, spread some of the mood in front of your house. Use some chalk and draw hearts all over the driveway or walkway.

    7. Romantic Chalkboard

    Speaking of chalk, you can get a small (or a big) chalkboard and use it to draw a few cupids or simply write “I love you” in different languages.

    8. Love Tree

    We know about the passionfruit and we totally love the taste of it, but have you ever had a love-fruit? Probably not, it’s not an actual fruit. What we mean is again a nice idea for your Valentine’s home decor. Get a few thin tree sticks and put them in a vase. Then cut out a few hearts from paper and hang them on the sticks making a mini love tree. If you are really in the mood to spice things up with your partner write some things you want them to do for you or to you on the paper hearts.

    9. Balloon Roof

    Going back to classics with a sentimental touch. You will need balloons. Lots of them. And make them all red. Don’t use your mouth to blow them. The idea is for them to float on the ceiling so you will need helium. Once you have them all up, tie a printed picture from your favourite moments with your sweetheart to the balloon string.

    10. Kitchen of Affection

    There are also many things you can do with your kitchen to bring in the Valentine’s spirit in. But this particular home decor idea is cool all year round, especially if you are quite the affectionate type. You probably store your coffee, tea and sugar in plastic, porcelain or glass containers labelled just that. But how much cuter it would be if instead coffee, tea and sugar, the labels said kisses, hugs and love? You can create some DIY labels or order ceramic containers with engraved personalised messages.

    11. Passionate Dining Table

    If you are decorating your home for Valentine’s you really shouldn’t forget the dining table. Set with a nice tablecloth, festive plates and cutlery. Add 2 or three long candles and spread rose petals all over the table.

    12. Flowers everywhere

    The simplest way of setting a Valentine’s home decor is by simply using roses or other flowers in every room. We would suggest researching flower language and checking what message each flower and colour carries. Then you can speak to your partner in flowers at home. What’s more romantic than that?

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