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    15 Easy Cleaning Hacks for Busy Moms

    cleaning hacks for busy moms

    Time is of huge essence, especially when you are a mom and you have like a million plates to juggle. Often you lose your sleep to get everything done. And that’s wrong. Cut on the cleaning hours, not the sleeping hours! How – you ask? Take a notе of these cleaning hacks for busy moms, just like you.

    1. Scrubbing faucets is hard work. A super simple solution is to rub a lemon on them for a minute or two and then wipe away the dirty spots with little to no effort.
    2. Pans and Pots with burnt-on? Nightmare! Well, it doesn’t have to be. Pour water and vinegar inside and let it boil on the stove. Then add some baking soda. Once the liquid cools down, simply wipe off the debris.
    3. Use baking paper to protect your oven from messy cooking. No one likes to scrub grime, grease and burnt-on. A great hack for preventing all of that is using baking paper under and over the oven racks to minimise any spillage of sauce or other liquid.
    4. Freshen up your microwave by putting a damp sponge in it for 2 minutes. Then wipe the walls of the microwave with it. You can also do that with a bowl of water left in there for 3-4 minutes (until condensation occurs). To remove unpleasant odours squeeze a lemon in the water.
    5. Worried about germs and bacteria in your bedroom? Super cleaning hack to the rescue! Put vodka or other scentless spirits in a spray bottle and spray your mattress. Here it is your bed freshly sanitised.
    6. What do you think when you hear play-doh? A mess? Actually, you can use it to clean up the mess. Play-doh is perfect for picking up litter and other small particles from the floor. Just roll it over the area and you saved yourself a great amount of time and frustration.
    7. OMG, the kids broke a glass! Don’t panic. Pick up the larger pieces and dispose safely of them. For the tiny bits use some bread to get them off the floor.
    8. A brilliant preventive cleaning hack is placing a tray under the toaster to collect the crumbs.
    9. Stainless steel can be a challenge to maintain in a shiny stage. Luckily we can teach you exactly what to do. You only need a soft piece of cloth and alcohol to rub on the steel.
    10. Don’t stress yourself with limescale. We have the perfect cleaning hack for shower heads. Use a plastic bag filled with water and vinegar. Put the shower head inside and place a rubber band on top to hold it. 30 minutes later, just wipe of the remains.
    11. Smelly bins? Throw a couple of lemon slices and each and forget about the problem.
    12. Trying to remove adhesive is no joy. However, we can pull one more cleaning trick out of our sleeve. Soak a towel or a cotton cloth in nail polish remover and then put on the area you want to treat for a couple of minutes. The rest should be a piece of cake.
    13. Disinfectant wipes save much more time than a sponge and cloth. You can use them for work surfaces in the kitchen, in the bathroom, wooden furniture or even the floor.
    14. Leave your shoes at the front door to minimise the spread of dirt and germs inside the house. No one likes to clean mud off the carpet during autumn and winter. And if you or your family members have hay fever, it is a good way to minimise the pollen and allergens brought into your home.
    15. Control the chaos! That’s probably the smartest cleaning hack you’d ever come across. Your home doesn’t actually have to be fully organised with specific sections for every single item. No one will use them, anyway. Just set the rules of how you “clutter” your space. For example, the remote controls don’t need a box. However, everyone in the house needs to know that they stay on the coffee table and should always be out there when not in use.

    Do you find it hard to cope with all the housework? Try some (or all) of these cleaning hacks, which would surely make a difference in your life. If it’s still not quite working for you, suck it and call the domestic cleaner. After all, life is great when you have time to enjoy it!++-

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