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    4 Ways to Make Her Happy This Valentine’s

    If your wife or girlfriend is a keen homemaker who loves a clean and tidy house, we’ve got (at least) 4 ways to make her happy this Valentine’s you should know about. Romance can be found in the smallest things and it doesn’t always have to cost half (or all) of your savings.

    Cook Valentine’s Dinner and Wash the Dishes

    Most women are thrilled to go out on a romantic dinner in an expensive restaurant with their loved one. However, what if we told you that she would still gush over you if you set up that romantic dinner at home with food you cooked, especially for her. Ok, you can cheat a little if you are really not that great of a chef, by getting a quality take away or simply asking a friend to help you with the cooking. Still she would really appreciate your efforts and thought even if the food isn’t worth of 5 Michelin stars. To make her happy even more, don’t let her lift a finger that night. Set the table, serve the food, take it away and wash the plates. Well, if things get heated quickly, maybe leave the washing for the morning.

    Buy Her that Thing She Asked For

    Nope, we are not talking about a ring. In fact, although it may sound like something from the mid years of the past century, many girls and women still want very practical things for the household like a dishwasher, coffee machine, bread maker, smart vacuum cleaner and so on. Especially if you know that her passion is connected to cooking or keeping the home clean tidy getting her one of these things will definitely make her happy this Valentine’s.

    You get bonus points if you get the exact item she mentioned a few weeks or months ago. In  women’s head that indicates you are a good listener and by definition, a keeper.

    Book a Cleaning Service

    Get a professional cleaner to come and perform a full deep cleaning service of every bit of the house. Perhaps your girl has been quite busy recently and couldn’t cope with all the household duties, but seeing that mess makes her cringe. Give her a nice surprise for Valentine’s by turning the place into the pleasant and peaceful fortress she enjoys. Even better suggestion – make her happy and free throughout the whole year. Book a regular cleaning service to spare her the time and efforts of maintaining an immaculately clean atmosphere at home.

    Finally, Do the Things She Asked You to Do in The House

    You know how women nag about doing this and that around the house and not leaving it for later. We know how much men hate it, but we also know it makes women really happy when their partner finally decides to take action and fix the cupboard door or unclog the sink. If you want to show her how much you appreciate her and the efforts she puts in maintaining your home in a good shape, come up with a plan to share the household duties and stick to it. It may not be an exclusive Valentine’s gift, but it’s a great romantic gesture, especially if she has been regularly hinting that she needs some help around the house.

    Do you think your girl would appreciate these? Or, as a woman, would you be happy if your partner came up with something like the above suggestions for Valentine’s?

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