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    5 Benefits of Steam Cleaning

    Many people think that simple domestic cleaning is good enough to maintain a safe and healthy home. In reality, it isn’t. While general domestic cleaning will make your house or flat look neat and tidy, it won’t necessarily protect you from all the germs you bring in unintentionally but regularly. To make sure everyone in your family is protected, you should consider booking a professional steam cleaning service. Here are some of the benefits coming with it.

    Safe for Children and Pets

    Steam cleaning is absolutely harmless for your children and pets. It does not involve any dangerous or toxic chemicals so you can let your baby crawl on the floor as soon as the domestic cleaner is finished with the job.

    Kills the Bacteria

    99.9% of the bacteria and germs living in your carpet or on various surfaces in your home are completely exterminated with steam cleaning. This is very helpful, especially in winter when the flu is such a pain and makes you feel miserable. The last thing you would want is to contract a bacterial infection or some disease connected to a nasty bug in your own home when you could have easily prevented it by booking steam cleaning service.

    Removes Mould

    Unlike some steam mops sold in shops and online, professional steam cleaners actually remove mould instead of creating it. Many people think that if they use bleach in the bathroom to get rid of the mould that will do the trick. Unfortunately, it won’t. The bleach will only turn them white so you won’t see them and think that they are gone, but they will still be there, imposing a real health threat for you and your family. The high temperature of steam cleaning, though, will kills the mould cells, which will let you soak in your bath in complete bliss and peace of mind.

    Helps Allergies

    Some people with asthma, other respiratory conditions and allergies will greatly benefit from a professional steam cleaning service. The vapour creates a naturally clean, allergen free environment, promoting easy breathing and allergy suppression.

    Cost Efficient

    Professional steam cleaning can substitute general domestic cleaning in most cases. Whether you do the cleaning yourself or hire domestic cleaners to do it for you, you will have to buy or pay for the cleaning products used for the job on top of the hourly rate. With steam cleaning there are no detergents or any sort of chemicals involved, so all you have to spend money for is the hours someone works for you or the steam cleaning equipment if you will be performing the task on your own. Either way, you save money in the long run and gain many health benefits like we explained above. In addition, steam cleaning a carpet or curtains keeps them look fresh for longer, so you don’t necessarily have to replace them before their time.

    Have we sold you on the brilliant idea of steam cleaning? Do check our website and social media channels as we run regular promotions on various cleaning services and this may be one of them. If you don’t want to wait, just book your steam cleaning appointment now.

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