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5 most common spots to miss during End of Tenancy Cleaning

End o f tenancy cleaning

End of tenancy cleaning isn’t an easy task, not only because it takes a lot of time and efforts but also because it requires a great amount of attention to detail. Just a couple of missed tiny spots can cost you a solid portion of your deposit. Surely, you don’t want this to happen. If you have decided to do DIY end of tenancy cleaning, then this article may help you to keep your focus on the areas that are commonly missed by tenants.

Fans and Extractors

These are some of the things that just sit in a property and we often forget that they are actually there, even though most of the time we can hear them working. The majority of tenancy agreements will require you to thoroughly clean all fans and extractors in the kitchen, bathroom, and other rooms if present, removing all dirt, dust, and grease. It isn’t actually very easy to complete this task, that’s why some landlords and letting agencies have professional cleaners coming to the property to finish that job alone. However, if your contract says it is your responsibility, then you must make arrangements for it to be done before you return the keys.

Sockets and Extension Cords

Another tiny detail that almost all tenants overlook. You would think, power sockets and extension cords shouldn’t really get that dirty, but if you spent a long time in the property chances are they will have acquired some stains or at least a fair amount of dust, especially if sitting behind furniture. Make sure you are extra careful when you clean these because it can be extremely dangerous for your life. Never use water or wet clothes to wipe a power socket!


Many tenants think that cleaning the windows from the inside is enough to get their deposit back. Unfortunately, more often than not, that isn’t the case. Unless you live in a high rising building and cleaning the outside of the windows is considered hazardous, you will be required to give them a shine both inside and out.


Those who live in unfurnished properties may consider themselves lucky when it is time for end of tenancy cleaning. In furnished flats and houses where the kitchen and utility appliances are owned by the landlord, you will have to make sure they are spotless before you leave. This includes washing machines, dishwashers, tumble dryers, ovens, kettles, microwaves, toasters, fridges, and freezers. They need to be cleaned inside, outside, on top and behind. Basically, everything that doesn’t belong to you should look as newly bought (or left in the same condition as you got it when moving into the property).

The Outside

Very commonly missed spot, or rather not considered enough, is the outside space of a property. This includes front and back gardens, patios, balconies, garages, sheds, drives, shrubs, fences and others. Some landlords will take over the responsibility to maintain the lawns while you live in the property but in most cases that would be your job, especially if you value your privacy more than the efforts you’d put into mowing the lawn.

These 5 most commonly missed spots during an end of tenancy cleaning are far from all the big and small details you should be focusing on when leaving the property. You can download and print this full checklist, which professional end of tenancy cleaners follow with every job. Most importantly, remember that it is imperative to check your tenancy agreement to see what exactly is required of you.

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