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    6 Office Items that Need Regular Cleaning

    Have you noticed that some offices are much more pleasant than others? It isn’t just about the location, size and furniture. It is much more about the level of cleanliness. We are not just talking about hovering and mopping the floors or emptying the dustbins. We’ve put together a list of the top 6 office items that need regular cleaning. Let’s see how many you can tick for your place of work.

    The Office Coffee Machine

    Most nice offices in the City have staff kitchens with coffee machines inside that are used tens if not hundreds of times daily. This is to say that those precious pieces of technology need regular cleaning done to the highest standards. Leaving the staff coffee machine uncleaned for more than a couple of days can impose serious health risks to anyone who uses it.

    The Office Microwave

    Another office item that needs regular cleaning and is also usually placed in the kitchen is the microwave oven. Think about it, you wouldn’t leave the one at home dirty and use it, so why wouldn’t you clean or make arrangements for it to be cleaned on regular basis. Not only splashed food inside looks gross, but it is also very unhygienic.

    The Office Phones

    The phones staff use on daily basis at their desk deserve a good and thorough clean up. In most cases they are touched by different hands numerous times a day and also a lot of our DNA ends up on the handset while we speak. Employee desk rotation is not uncommon in many organisations, so regular cleaning of the office phones is essential for the prevention of spreading infections, germs and diseases.

    The Office Computer Keyboards

    Some employees are lucky enough to be given personal work laptops, which they don’t have to share with anyone and are responsible for the maintenance of those themselves. In many offices, however, that is not the case and the majority of staff uses communal computers and keyboards. Those should always be part of the regular cleaning checklist in the office because they provide a brilliant space for microbes to hide and cause harm to the workers.

    The Office Vents

    Although we don’t spend much time looking at the vents at the office, we must remember they need regular cleaning. If left dirty, they can soon strat spreading unpleasant smells and allergens such as pollen in the warmer months of the year. The possibility of staff sickness increases with unclean vents, which eventually hurts the business.

    The Office Toilets

    It is pretty obvious why the office toilets need regular cleaning, but we also want to stress of how important it is to make sure the cleaning products used for that activity are safe for all staff members and allergen free. At PNP, for example, we put our clients’ health and wellbeing first that’s why we use exclusively eco-friendly products with zero harmful chemicals. Their gentle-to-the-human formula is uncompromising to germs and bacteria.

    How many of these office items do you give a regular cleaning? If you’ve scored 6 out of 6, you are doing a fantastic job! However, if you are slacking on some of them, perhaps you need a better cleaning service. If that’s the case, just give us a call or drop an email at

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