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    6 Types of Commercial Cleaning

    Commercial cleaning is a very broad term and there are different services suiting the needs of different businesses. Certain venues will need specific equipment, cleaning products and accordingly trained staff. Let’s look at the most common commercial cleaning services that are often sought after by a number of organisations.

    1. General Office Cleaning

    Probably the first thing that comes to mind when we mention commercial cleaning is office cleaning. It is not much different than domestic cleaning but it is done for commercial clients in a business environment. Most office cleaners are required to work flexible hours, mostly very early in the morning before the start of the business day or late at night after all employees have gone home. Office cleaning usually includes vacuuming  and mopping all areas, wiping the kitchen boards, putting the dirty cups and dishes in the dishwasher and cleaning the toilets. Different offices will have different requirements, which can easily be met through negotiation with the commercial cleaning company.

    2. Child Setting Cleaning

    When providing a commercial cleaning service for a business setting where children are the main occupants, such as a nursery, children’s centre or a school, the commercial cleaners have to follow specific health and safety guidelines. The hygiene level must be at the highest standard and eco-friendly, allergen free cleaning products should be used to avoid aggravating a child’s allergy or causing a toxic reaction.

    3. Upholstery & Carpet Cleaning

    Upholstery and carpet cleaning is another very popular commercial cleaning service. It is usually required by offices, hotels and restaurants, but really there’s no limitation to the types of businesses that can take advantage of this service. First, it ensures that a company presents itself well in front of their customers with clean and new-looking furniture and floor covering. Second, it promotes the maintenance of a healthy environment by eliminating harmful bacteria, dirt and mould from the carpet and furniture fabric.

    4. Commercial Kitchen Cleaning

    More and more restaurants decide to go for a professional commercial kitchen cleaning service rather than making in-house employees on a lower level, such as kitchen porters, spend longer hours cleaning the kitchen. Not only that, but there are certain types of stains and grease that can only be removed by professional commercial cleaners and the materials that they are trained to use.

    5. Industrial Cleaning

    Industrial Cleaning is another type of a commercial cleaning service, which requires specifically trained staff and cleaning products. It mainly applies to factories and manufacturing venues. It can be also dangerous depending on the type of machinery located in the premises, which is why using professional commercial cleaners to do the job is always recommended.

    6. Window Cleaning

    Commercial window cleaning is extremely common. It involves everything from the windows on a ground floor grocery shop or a real estate agency office to multi storey commercial buildings and skyscrapers. It is not everyone that can do this job, so it is advisable to leave it to the professionals who have undergone extensive training and a number of tests to determine if they are a right fit for this kind of work.

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