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    7 Brilliant Closet Makeover Ideas

    Brilliant Closet Makeover Ideas

    A lot of home organising experts claim that successful people have well organised and good looking closets. This may be a way to market their services, but we are quite inclined to agree with that statement. Previously, we wrote about the benefits of a tidy home and how that impacts your productivity. A cosy and clean home usually starts from a fresh and well-organised closet. With that in mind, we give you these 7 brilliant closet makeover ideas.

    1. Organise by Colour

    The simplest way to bring an amazing makeover to your closet is by simply arranging the clothes by colour. It gives it a cheerful look, especially during the winter months when the grey nuances overwhelm the landscape. You can even put the clothes in order by shades of each major colour and create a gradient view. Try it, you will see how much more different your closet looks!

    2. Pay Attention to the Detail

    Here’s another super easy closet makeover. It really doesn’t take a lot of time or effort, but certainly makes a big difference in the appearance of the closet. Get matching hangers and use them for all the clothes that hang. If you don’t want everything to be identical, you can experiment with colours, but put them in sections to create a level of organisation. Looking for quick-fix ideas for your shoes? Here’s one – store your shoes in plastic boxes, but before that take a picture of each pair and then label the boxes with the relevant picture for easy identification.

    3. Knobs are Useful

    If you are lucky to have a small room that you don’t generally use, turn it into a walk-in closet. Make sure you mount several stylish knobs on the walls to hang jewellery or scarves on. Add a chair, a big mirror and some picture frames. Finish it off with a fluffy rug and voila – you have a super cosy and inviting closet to enjoy.

    4. Eliminate Empty Spaces

    Sometimes you feel like you have too much stuff and no space to store it. Most of the time that’s not true. You just don’t use your available space to its full capacity. You can eliminate empty spaces by adding a shelf or two under your hanging clothes and then use the shelves to arrange your shoes. Another thing you could do to save some space is rolling your jeans instead of folding them.

    5. Sharing is Caring

    We have a makeover idea for couples who share a closet. Instead of just using the one half for yourself and the other for your partner, use labels like “his” & “hers”, your initials or even your names. That can also work for organising siblings closet.

    6. Mount a Pegboard

    Continuing the kids closet theme, you can mount a pegboard to use for any toys and not so frequently used items that you may still need. Hats, scarves and even shoes can also go there.

    7. Add cubes

    You could create a grid of small cubes to use for your closet organisation. You will need a few wooden planks, a hammer and nails. But if carpentry isn’t really your thing, you can get such frames from IKEA and fit them in the empty spaces of your wardrobe or closet. This way you create more sections where you can organise your clothes and accessories.

    If you need to see some of these closet makeover ideas put to practice, why don’t you follow us on Pinterest? We have been pinning some great home organisation images and solutions. Perhaps you’ll find your inspiration there.

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