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    8 Laws of Decluttering

    Laws of Decluttering

    We are still in the beginning of the new year and this is a perfect time to organise your home. A big part of getting things into place is decluttering. But as simple as it sounds, this process also has its stumble stones and it is important to know how to go about it the right way. In today’s article, we are sharing with you the 8 laws of decluttering that will help you get the job done more efficiently.

    Law 1. Set Your Mind for It

    Decluttering can be quite an emotional job that’s also physically and mentally draining. Before you start the process, make sure you prepare yourself for it. Relax, put some uplifting music on and if possible allow a lot of daylight to enter.

    Law 2. Be Intentional and Specific About It

    As with everything else, when you are trying to declutter your space you need to really put your mind to it. Make sure you understand the importance of a clean and tidy place that allows you to breathe. Set your decluttering goals and be specific about them. For example, don’t just say “I’m gonna get rid of everything that I don’t use”. That’s simply not going to happen because you are going to miss quite a few of those things. Make a list and follow it through.

    Law 3. Organise Your Clutter

    Your next step would be to split your unnecessary possessions into categories. This way you could easily keep track of everything you initially thought you won’t need. You may find that some of your items can be recycled in some way and therefore keep them around but with an actual purpose.

    Law 4. Start from the Absolute Trash

    No matter how much you love your possessions, there are some things even you know are a total waste of space. It’s best to start with them because they bear the least emotional value to you and getting rid of those won’t impact negatively your mental energy. Gradually move towards stuff that you care more about, but you also know it has to go.

    Law 5. Take Pictures of the Stuff You’d Really Miss

    Some of us are extremely sentimental and easily get attached to objects purely because they bring back memories. These could be children’s pictures, old baby clothes, trophies and so on. A good way to keep nostalgia out of your way when decluttering is to document these memories and keep them on your computer or on the Cloud. This way you can always go back to them, without all of that stuff lying all around your house.

    Law 6. Eliminate the Duplicates

    It happens to the best of us – we keep duplicates of books or clothes or something else that we don’t really need in two or more of the same. Keep only the copies that have a higher sentimental value to you. The rest can go to charity.

    Law 7. Tidy Up

    There’s only so much you can throw away. Sometimes, even after you’ve given your best to part ways with items that have no real purpose in your home, the place still looks messy and cluttered. Well, there is a simple explanation for that. Not everything needs to be taken out, some stuff just needs to be put in its place. It is an essential part of home organising and decluttering.

    Law 8. Vow Not to Bring in More Things You Don’t Need

    Remember what we started with? Being intentional about your actions. We are going to finish off with the same. You need to make a conscious decision that you won’t bring in more stuff that you don’t need in the house. Otherwise, you will have to repeat this process more frequently that you would like to.

    Decluttering can be challenging and a lot of people need a helping hand while they are dealing with. Our Spring Cleaning service can be the solution you are looking for when it comes to freeing more space in your home. Not sure, that’s the right option for you? Why don’t you give us a call so we can discuss your cleaning and home organising needs and find the best possible course of action.

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