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    8 Things Your Cleaner Wants You to Know

    things your cleaner wants you to know

    It’s normal to have high expectations and a list of demands when you hire a professional cleaner, but also you should be considerate of what the other party may expect from you. Cleaning isn’t an easy job. But you know that already because if it was, you would be doing it yourself all the time without complaining. Yet, professional cleaners are often treated with disrespect and looked down upon. In some situations, it’s not even deliberate. Clients are just unaware of some of the things professional cleaners go through to provide an impeccable service to you. So, if you’ve never had an open-hearted conversation with your cleaning lady, here are the things she would like you to know.

    1. I too get stuck in traffic.

    Many professional cleaners cover areas that aren’t as close to their home as they would wish. Just like you, they may sometimes be late for work because they got stuck in traffic. A reliable cleaner will try to let you know if they are running late by calling or texting you. Be understanding, unless it turns into a pattern.

    2. I would really appreciate it if you could let me use eco-friendly cleaning products.

    Many clients insist on their cleaners using bleach and other strong chemicals because they feel the quality of the job done will not be as good. That’s totally wrong. There are plenty of eco-friendly alternatives that professional cleaners know how to use. Prolonged exposure and use of strong chemicals can have detrimental effects on the health. Many cancers have been linked to such products freely sold in any grocery store. When a professional cleaner offers to use eco-friendly products just accept. You are protecting not only them from long-term serious illness, but also yourself and your family.

    3. It would be great if you tell me what exactly you want me to do for you.

    Whether you are booking a service from a cleaning company or an independent cleaner, you need to state what your needs and expectations are. Discuss that with the provider to receive an accurate quote and decide on a suitable service. If possible, leave a list of tasks for the cleaner to follow.

    4. You should know the difference between domestic cleaning and deep cleaning.

    Many customers end up disappointed or dissatisfied with a cleaning service, simply because they chose the wrong one. If you have booked domestic cleaning you can’t expect the cleaner to clean behind furniture and appliances. This is part of a deep cleaning service.

    5. Try not to make my work harder.

    It’s understandable that you pay for the service of a professional cleaner, but it doesn’t mean you need to leave your house in a total mess. Clean up things lying on the floor so we can move freely and finish the job within the booked time slot. That’s all we are asking for.

    6. If you’ve hired me through a cleaning company I am well-trained and qualified for the job.

    Some independent cleaners also undergo professional training, but to become an employee of a reputable cleaning company you must complete one. This is a certain guarantee for you that your cleaning lady is going to do an outstanding job.

    7. The quality of the service is not dependent on price, but there is a correlation.

    Cleaning companies charge more than independent cleaners. That doesn’t mean that a freelance cleaner can’t do an amazing job at your place. However, as self-employed, they will hardly have undergone an official training and DBS check. These are expensive, hence the higher price you pay to companies who pay for their employees to train and be checked. Also, companies incur a higher cost than an independent cleaner, having to purchase several types of business insurances, pay employer NI contributions and many more. While the quality of service isn’t necessarily dependent on the price, you may feel more secure using a professional cleaner who works for a cleaning company.

    8. I know your dirty secrets and I may talk about you to my friends, but I would never expose you publically.

    As cleaners, we see your personal life as it is, especially if you don’t make any efforts to keep your really private stuff private. We often know about affairs, debt and drinking/drug problems before any other person in your family do. Some of us may talk about this to our friends, but will never make a comment to you or your close ones, unless we think your life is in serious danger. Those of us with strong work ethic won’t discuss any of it with anybody unless of course, you are a threat to your own or the lives of others.

    Do you have any questions you would like to ask your cleaner? Ask us instead and we might be able to answer. First time cleaning customer? Why don’t you get in touch with our friendly office admins who will guide you through the process and explain everything you need to know.

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