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    8 Tips on How to Get Your House Cleaned for Free

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    They say there’s no free lunch, but sometimes, if you are creative enough you may squeeze in a few chores done at no financial cost to you. As a cleaning company we should be the last people to teach you how to clean your home without paying for a service, but hey, we are also here to bring value. So, enjoy our list of 8 cheeky tips on how to get your house cleaned for free!

    1. Do it Yourself

    The obvious solution would be to suck it up and do all the house cleaning chores yourself. It will take you some time and energy, but on the bright side, it will save you money and keep you fit! Double benefit from a single activity. Good deal, isn’t it?

    2. Use Homemade Solutions for Cleaning

    Maximise your savings from cleaning the house yourself, by preparing all the cleaning materials with products you already have at home. You can clean almost anything with baking soda, vinegar, alcohol or lemon juice. There are plenty of cleaning recipes on the Internet and on our blog too! So if that’s something you are willing to try – go ahead and browse through our old publications! We guarantee you’ll find some invaluable gems there!

    3. Make Your Kids Help You

    Having extra helping hands is never a bad idea. Your kids can help you with a lot of the cleaning at home. Usually, they are also very energetic, so if you manage to get them interested in this, you’ll have your house cleaned in no time, for free! Just be creative about it. Turn the chores into fun quests of family games. Actually, you are killing two birds with one stone – nice bonding time, plus a clean house!

    4. Pretend You are Sick and Ask Your Partner to Do It

    Oh, the cheek of you! Well, we’ve all been there, but don’t tell anyone. Sometimes you just don’t feel like doing the cleaning yourself and the house cleaner may be off, or you just don’t want to pay for the service. Sneeze a couple of times, lie on the couch, tucked in a blanket with a cup of tea and just pretend you are sick. Mention to your partner that there’s so much to do around the house but you just have no energy at all and you are feeling terribly sick. If you are lucky enough they will be compassionate and do the cleaning for you.

    5. Throw a Mini Party and Ask Your Guests to Help You Clean Up

    Here’s another a little naughty idea how to get your house cleaned for free – have a party! No, seriously. Invite a few friends over for a nice get-together, get some music playing, order pizza and when it’s all over just ask everyone to help you clean up. Just undetectably send them to do a little bit more of what they signed up for. One will vacuum, another will wash the dishes and the guy that got drunk will be on a toilet cleaning duty. Just go around, picking stuff from the floor and keep saying “thanks” to everyone.

    6. Invite Your Mom Over

    Well, although this is a totally free way to get your house cleaned, it may cost you dearly. Depends on your relationship with your mom. We know some pretty demanding mommies who just can’t stand the looks of messy houses. They will put everything back in order during their stay but we can’t guarantee you’ll get any peace in your sparkling clean house.

    7. Team Up with the Neighbours

    Here’s a smart idea. You can team up with a few neighbours of yours and have an arrangement to clean each other’s houses every week. For example, if there’s 4 of you, you can clean the house of the others one week, and then have them clean yours for free for the next 3 weeks. Sounds like a good deal, no?

    8. Follow Cleaning Companies Online

    If all this a little too much for your moral standing (although we think it’s just fun), you can always try to get your house cleaned for free completely legitimately and without feeling bad for using someone. Follow cleaning companies on social media. Many of them run contests and giveaways. You can win one of those or get a mad discount code to use with your next booking. Also, often times you can get valuable tips and tricks on cleaning your home with homemade solutions, which again, helps you get a clean house for free!

    Not sure any of these will work for you? Well, we can’t give you any other ideas on how to get your house cleaned for free, but we know how to clean it perfectly. So if that’s something you want to consider, give us a call or arrange a booking online.

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