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    Amazing Cleaning Tricks with Magic Eraser

    Amazing cleaning tricks with magic eraser

    You’ve probably heard about that white little sponge-like item that can remove any types of stain just like magic. In fact, it’s called magic eraser as it is truly powerful in many cleaning situations. But we bet you haven’t even thought about some of the ways you could use the tool. No worries, we’ll tell you all about these amazing cleaning tricks with the magic eraser.

    Hard water stains

    Hard water stains in the shower and sink taps can be really annoying. They aren’t particularly easy to remove, but with the magic eraser, you don’t have to sweat much. The result will be shining faucets, looking brand new.

    The iron

    You can’t risk ruining your favourite dress or that shirt you bought him for your last anniversary with a dirty iron. Now, cleaning of the iron is more than challenging. There are tons of old tales how to remove stains from the bottom of the iron, but we think the easiest and fastest way to do it is by using the magic eraser again. You will have to wet the eraser a little and then run it through the hot iron.

    The oven glass

    Not sure if there’s anything harder to clean in a household than the oven. The oven glass, in particular, is not an easy task. The good news is, a few scrubs with the magic eraser should work just fine here too.

    The skirting boards

    Those scuffs on the skirting board just make the whole house look old and dirty. But there’s a great and inexpensive way to deal with them  You guessed it right – it the magic eraser again. A fre scrubs and there isn’t a slight trace of the scuff any more.

    The Utensils

    Have your utensils lost their gloss and shine? Don’t despair, you don’t need a new set. Simply polish them with the magic eraser. The difference before and after is just mind-blowing.

    The laptop

    You can use the magic eraser to remove grime and dust from your laptop too. You can also clean the keyboard with it without harming the machine in any way.

    Permanent marker stains

    The magic eraser removes permanent marker from glass. Scrub it once or twice and it’s simply gone.

    The fence

    What’s more, the magic eraser not only removes permanent marks, it also gets rid of dirt and grime on vinyl fences.

    The shoes

    Played football in a muddy field? No worries, we know how to fix your shoes without leaving them in the garden so the rain can wash them. Rub the magic eraser on the shoes and they will return their shine just like in the teenage years.

    It’s pretty useful this magic eraser, hey? Unfortunately, there are still some stains and messes that only a professional cleaner can deal with. We are happy to offer our services to you whenever you need them.

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