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    Antiviral sanitisation and disinfection service

    In these harsh pandemic living conditions, the risk of bacteria, viruses and mainly Covid-19 infection is exceptionally high. The potential possibility to get infected by coronavirus additionally causes an extreme volume of emotional and stressful concerns. Living with the fear of Covid-19 might be as problematic and dangerous as getting the disease. Our company is here to respond to these concern giving the relief from being protected you deserve. With our professional antiviral sanitisation and disinfection service, we successfully and proudly join the global fight against the spread of Covid-19 infection with an extra contribution for the maximum impact on human’s healthy lifestyle with zero bacteria and harmful germs.

    What are antiviral sanitisation and disinfection service?

    Our brand new antiviral sanitisation and disinfection service is the most natural possible reaction to the global pandemic crisis. In times when perfect hygiene and reliable disinfection are critical to protecting our lives and those of our closest people, relatives and colleagues, we have managed to design a detailed, high-quality procedure that can be put into force immediately in all domestic and private in-house areas, including in case of an officially registered case of Covid-19 patient. As an experienced first-class cleaning company, it was our duty to offer a more thorough and accurate sanitising service, which practically can eliminate the spread of viruses, bacteria, germs, infection agents and Covid-19 disease. Due to our fast reaction to the latest trends and changes in the industry due to coronavirus safety measures, we have composed a completely new and different deep sanitising service. Our antiviral sanitisation and disinfection service is conducted to the WHO (World Health Organization) supporting guides, as well as with all the national security measures in this aspect.

    How do antiviral sanitisation and disinfection service work?

    Our modern and innovative antiviral sanitisation and disinfection service meets the highest standards in the market.  To undertake each individual order for online covid-19 disinfection, we send only insured, highly experienced and qualified cleaners. They are instructed with the latest practices in fast and secured bacteria elimination. Our revolutionary antiviral sanitisation and disinfection approaches show a tremendous results against thousands of different bacteria, virus and germ pathogens. We are available for cleaning, aiming to support the proper prophylaxis at public, private and domestic indoor areas. You can also rely on us and give us a call in case a Covid-19 case is registered either in your organisation or in your home. It is proven that the virus remains on surfaces up to 72 hours. Even if the patient has been isolated the spread of coronavirus is not 100% secured. It can be spread through the air and full disinfection of the premises is a must.

    How do we do antiviral sanitisation and disinfection?

    Our antiviral sanitisation and disinfection service follows an anti-germ formula that aims to eliminate the bacteria and viruses at a total value. But there is no point in deep disinfection of a premise or a single object that is dirty, covered with spots, dust, etc. This is why we believe that antiviral sanitisation and disinfection service is supposed to be a double service. Our highly motivated and hard-working cleaners will perform an entire deep sanitising procedure in advance and then will move to the antiviral disinfection chore. This is how we can give a guarantee that bacteria are going to be caught and killed. And you will be at a safe place, with a healthy body. Although the cleaning job in antiviral sanitisation and disinfection service is double, we strive for maximum efficiency and fast results. To minimise the manual job, our cleaners perform, as well as to secure you a speedy procedure, we have integrated innovative modern tools, sanitising practices and high-tech machinery.

    Green antiviral sanitisation and disinfection service – efficient against viruses but safe for people’s health

    We provide a full guarantee for an eco-friendly pack of cleaning procedures in our top-to-bottom antiviral sanitisation and disinfection service. We use green cleaning solutions and toxic-free detergents to protect the human’s body from allergic reactions and intoxication. Following WHO medical pieces of advice for antiviral disinfection, we have included hydrogen peroxide 5% as a primary agent in the sanitising procedures. According to medical experts, hydrogen peroxide is one of the most eco-friendly disinfectants with no harmful and toxic effects and is safe for humans, animals and the environment. Hydrogen peroxide has bactericidal, virucidal and fungicidal properties and numerous and includes silver ions. As a type of natural cleansing solution, the complex of ions disinfects, eliminates germs, has antibacterial properties and removes bad odours.

    The secret of our efficient antiviral sanitisation and disinfection service

    Save for the eco-friendly disinfecting cleansers and efficient detergents; we also count on high-tech machinery in our proper antiviral sanitisation and disinfection service. After long-term research in the field of the best disinfecting gadget, including for surfaces with a potential covid-19 infection, we have selected one of the best devices on the market these days. EV 3000i is more than a high-tech machine with exclusive properties to deep clean and sanitise. It is a real revolution in the global fight against bacteria and viruses. EV 3000i is an entire system that cleans thanks to the power of dry steam. Thanks to the innovative combination of dry steam, pressure and high temperature, the system receives an actual potential to kill the viruses before they spread and harm you. And the best thing is that EV 3000i is easy to be used, including by customers with no high-tech or machinery knowledge and skills.

    To book antiviral sanitisation and disinfection service or to buy EV 3000i?

    Our professional cleaning company is available for you despite your concrete wish. We can do both for you – send a cleaning team to perform fast and secured antiviral sanitisation and disinfection service and as an authorised official distributor of EV 3000i sell you a device prototype so you can daily perform domestic, office or building disinfection of your own.  Check out what else EV 3000i can do for your bacteria- and virus-free property:

    • Purifies the air
    • Deep cleans all kinds of surfaces with no risk of damages
    • Inhalation and steam bath expert functions
    • Geyser function for maximum impact on germs
    • Has extra drainage unclogging functions for sanitary premises
    • Ironing function to help you in everyday cleaning chores
    • Long-term disinfection effect
    • Efficient over a large scale of microorganisms
    • Prevents the spread of viruses from surfaces to the air
    • Efficient Fungicide, Antibiotic, Virucide, Nematicide, and destroys biofilms.
    • Extremely easy to be used with proper manual instructions
    • Applicable to hard to be reached places and for big-sized premises
    • Does not require any extra actions such as rinsing or brushing after applying the device

    What to expect after antiviral sanitisation and disinfection service with EV 3000i

    Our primary conception behind the outcome of antiviral sanitisation and disinfection service with EV 3000i is complete sterilisation of the surfaces and reducing the number of pathogens in the air. For this purpose, this can be determined as a unique and several times more efficient service than any other cleaning service you can order from us or any other cleaning company across the UK. Here is what to expect from this Covid-19 domestic and office cleaning service:

    • Perfectly cleaned premises, including tidying up before the procedure
    • Deep disinfection of all surfaces, including inside the cabinets, drawers and wardrobes
    • Elimination of germs, spots, stains, bacteria, viruses and all potentially dangerous pathogens
    • Eco-friendly, biodegradable, nontoxic, nonpolluting and non-staining usage of detergents with a powerful formula to kill dirt and bacteria
    • 99.999% of the viruses are bacteria in the premises are killed
    • Fat-dissolving in the highly soiled premises like kitchen zones
    • Proper odour neutralisation

    Additional benefits of antiviral sanitisation and disinfection service

    You can 100% rely on our professional antiviral sanitisation and disinfection service with EV 3000i. You can make an order for our assistance or purchase the innovative EV 3000i at any time. We are flexible and can suit anyone’s personal or business schedule. It is convenient and safe to work with us, as well as with our top-notched cleaners with tremendous experience in the field. They come to your property with the required protective masks, gloves and costumes to secure your health at a total value. Check out more benefits of our high-quality antiviral sanitisation and disinfection service:

    • Full London coverage. We cover different premise and building types across London, including Chingford, Woodford Green, Stratford, Wimbledon, Kensington, Chelsea, Richmond, Canary Wharf, Battersea and Shepherd’s Bush. No matter what size your property is or what your personal case is.
    • Disinfection after Covid-19 quarantine is also possible. In case of a risk of recent access of an infected patient to your property, we are also available for orders.
    • We are available for free quotes and consultation, whether by phone or via our on-site, online form.
    • An antiviral disinfection with quality and satisfaction guarantee
    • Modern and 100% risk-free green solutions and high-tech innovative EV 3000i are applied
    • If you like the effect of the EV 3000i sanitising procedure, you can buy an EV 3000i prototype directly from us. We an official authorised distributor
    • Affordable rates and no prepayment in advance

    Call us now or get a free quote! Order antiviral sanitisation and disinfection service or buy EV 3000i anti-microbe steam tech device to protect your beloved people, your home from bacterial and yourself from Covid-19. We guarantee you a perfect combination of reasonable service prices and final qualitative results. Count on us when you are up to killing some dirt, germs and viruses from your property indoor area!

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