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    10 Best End of Tenancy Cleaning Services in London

    best end of tenancy cleaning service

    When we are not cleaning, we spend our time looking for ideas on how to bring more value to you. Because you are important to us. And what’s important to you? Finding out who you can really trust and where to find the best cleaning service. Especially in London, the property market is constantly moving. Hundreds of homes change their residents every day, which means hundreds of families are looking for a reliable end of tenancy cleaning service to help them get back their deposit. Or at least, the bigger part of it. The choice of cleaning companies in the capital is more than abundant, but how would you decide who is really worth your trust and who will leave you disappointed? We decided to into some Internet research and find out what people are saying for various cleaning providers in different parts of the city. To make your life easier, we created a list of the 10 best end of tenancy cleaning services in London.

    1. London Cleaning System

    We have to start with one of the top-rated cleaning brands, specialising in end of tenancy cleaning and that’s London Cleaning System. They’ve won best business in 2015 in the Three Best Rated contest. Customers are happy with the service and rely on London Cleaning System because the company offers a guarantee for every job done.

    2. Fantastic Cleaners

    Fantastic Cleaners are probably the biggest cleaning company in London. They have many sister companies, focusing on other home and garden services. Although they are a strong name, sometimes there are unhappy customers, which is perfectly normal. You can’t always make everyone happy, and sometimes hiccups do happen. Nevertheless, Fantastic Cleaners are one of the strongest competitors for everyone in the cleaning business.

    3. PNP Cleaning Service

    We were always confident in the quality of our end of tenancy cleaning service, but it felt so encouraging to see so many positive reviews and feedback from people who have used our services recently. We cover many areas, but a lot of our clients are concentrated in East London. Can’t tell you, how proud we are to make the top 3 in the best end of tenancy cleaning services in London.

    4. Thomsons Cleaning

    Moving to the south-west parts of London, we find one of the most preferred companies for end of tenancy cleaning – Thomsons Cleaning. They offer a 48-hour guarantee for their service, as well as flexible hours, so you could have your property cleaned pretty much at any time.

    5. MissMaid

    Another great end of tenancy cleaning service is provided by a company called MissMaid. If you or your landlord/agent are not happy with the cleaning, you can contact MissMaid within 72 hours of the completion of the job and they will come to re-clean free of charge. They clean all over London and offer a variety of cleaning services if you ever needed them.

    6. Premium Clean

    Premium Clean is another company that doesn’t focus on a particular service or area but have won many awards over the years. They work with a number of media and professional bodies as partners.

    7. West Clean

    Need end of tenancy cleaning over the weekend or on a bank holiday? No problem! West Clean can provide it for you. These guys have over 15 years of combined experience between themselves of serving various London areas and properties.

    8. Skylite Cleaning

    One more brilliant professional cleaning company with a focus on the client is Skylite Cleaning. They’ve got amazing reviews and recommendations from past clients, but don’t seem to be extremely popular yet, which is why they fall at the lower part of our best end of tenancy cleaning services in London list.

    9. StrongMove

    StrongMove is an end of tenancy cleaning and removals provider. That’s great cause you don’t have to look for different companies to complete these tasks. You can get it all done with the same guys. According to the positive feedback we encountered during our research, they seem to be doing really well.

    10. End of Tenancy

    Cleaver name isn’t it? Anyone looking for an end of tenancy cleaning service will type just that into Google. That’s probably the reason why they get so many bookings. But also, End of Tenancy prices are quite cheap. Based on the reviews, customers appreciate their quick responsiveness when it comes to booking appointments and answering questions.

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