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Britain’s Most Common Allergies and How To Fight Them

Britains most common allergies

According to the NHS website, there are 9 different allergens that cause the most common allergies in Britain and in some cases they can be life-threatening. The surprising bit is 5 of them are related to your living environment and the products you use to maintain it. So in today’s post, we are going to look various ways of fighting and managing these allergens and the reactions they cause.

Grass and Tree Pollen Allergy

During spring and summer, a large percentage of the British population suffers from hay fever. This is the allergy caused by tree pollen spread with the winds and it takes the first position in Britain’s most common allergies list. It usually manifests in blocked and runny nose, plenty of sneezing and eye-watering. There are good medications that you can get over the counter to manage to condition or in severe cases, you may be prescribed a stronger option. People who are sensitive to pollen don’t only suffer from hay fever when they are out and about. Some particles can be easily brought home, making the time you spend in your fortress also miserable. A good solution to that is regular cleaning of all surfaces and we highly recommend steam cleaning.

Dust Mites Allergy

Well, you can’t get rid of these unless you maintain a clean and fresh environment at all times. Dust mites can be anywhere in your home, so regular vacuuming won’t really do the trick. If you have a dust allergy you should consider also upholstery cleaning to make sure that your furniture is not going to turn you into a sneezing machine.

Animal Dander Allergy

In the top three of Britain’s most common allergies, we find the animal dander allergy. Thousands of people would love to get a pet but they are allergic to the dander that often gets stuck on the carpet or different fabrics. In some cases, allergies like this can cause skin irritation, as well as watery eyes and sneezing. If you think about carpet cleaning and steam cleaning, however, you may be able to enjoy the company if your lovely furry friend without experiencing the side effects.

Mould Allergy

In a humid place like this, growing mold on walls is not uncommon even in the most taken care of properties. Mould allergy can be very dangerous especially for young children. If left untreated or the child continues to be exposed to such conditions for a prolonged period of time, the allergy can develop into asthma. There are several things you could do to prevent mold from forming in various places of your home. Firstly, make sure all rooms are well ventilated, second do not dry clothes inside and third go for a regular steam cleaning. It is a natural, eco-friendly way of cleansing your environment using only hot water above 100 degrees that destroys any germs and harmful particles.

Cleaning Chemicals Allergy

Last but certainly not least serious of Britain’s most common allergies is the one to cleaning chemicals. A large number of people suffer from sensitivities and allergic reactions associated with detergents. These can be extremely harmful to the airways, especially in older people and those with respiratory conditions. To prevent this, use eco-friendly cleaning products that won’t compromise the quality of the job you want to get done. We, at PNP, rely on Dr. Schnell to help us in our daily quest of cleaning and freshening thousands of homes and commercial properties.

Think it’s time to manage your allergies instead of letting them manage you? Take care of your living and working environment. There are a lot of things we can also help you with. Have a look at our professional cleaning services and book the right fit for you.

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