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Why Carpet Cleaning is Important for Your Health and Safety

Have you ever thought about how much dirt is stacked on your carpet even if you vacuum it regularly? The truth is the vacuum cleaner you have at home can get rid of only about one third of all the harmful particles in your carpet and this can be very dangerous for you and your family if not taken proper care of. Today we are bringing some light into the importance of carpet cleaning and how this could benefit your health and safety.

Protects from Bacterial Diseases

There is plenty of bacteria living in your carpet. Some of it comes from outside when you walk in with your shoes, some can fall off your pet and some would have appeared from an old food stain that hasn’t been properly cleaned. If you have young children they will be at most risk from getting ill because they are closer to the ground and their immune system is not fully developed. Having a professional carpet cleaning service in your home can save you the worry and prevent such unpleasant and dangerous situations from happening.

Removes Allergens

If you or some of the people you live with suffer from respiratory condition or have an allergy, carpet cleaning is a must. It creates a filter for pollen, dust and other allergens, which can be provoking severe body reactions in some cases. In such households a professional carpet cleaning improves the quality of life immensely. In addition, it removes dust mites, which are invisible for the eye, but can be a cause for the development of a number of allergies as they spread the infestation incredibly quickly.

Prevents Mould Growth

Surprisingly, whenever it is raining outside, it creates good conditions for mould to grow on your carpet right inside of your house or flat. Research has shown that breathing mould spores is more harmful to the lungs than smoking cigarettes. Serious respiratory conditions are developed after a continuous exposure to mould inside your living environment, especially in the rooms where you sleep. Professional carpet cleaning, however, would be a perfect solution to this threat.

Improves the Overall Air Quality

Having your carpet professionally cleaned will certainly improve the overall quality of air in your home. Apart from the germs, dust particles and mould, it will also help remove other air pollutants such as lead and toxic gases, which are normally released by simply walking over the carpet or vacuuming with a domestic vacuum cleaner. Once you have a professional carpet cleaning service in your home you will notice the difference it makes to the ease of breathing.

Eliminates Unpleasant Odours

Dirty carpets retain unpleasant odours and no matter how often you vacuum them, the smell won’t go. It is proven that bad smells affect your moods negatively, while pleasant aromas promote relaxation and positivity.

Promotes Better Sleep

When you sleep your breathing rate decreases, which means that if your environment does not promote easy breathing your sleep will be disturbed, which can result in many physiological problems. Carpet cleaning has a big role to play in making sure that you have a good and sound sleep and nurture your mental activity.

Carpet cleaning is not just a fancy service posh people pay for. It is indeed, very important for everyone’s health and wellbeing. Many health practitioners recommend having your carpet cleaned once a month to avoid developing a respiratory disease and more often if you already have one. PNP Cleaning Service can help you with that by providing you with a high quality carpet cleaning service at an affordable price. You only have to book your appointment and we will be there to freshen up your carpet and make sure you are well and safe in your home.

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