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    What Carpet Cleaning Method is Best for Your Home

    Best carpet cleaning methods for your home

    Carpet cleaning is important for the health and safety of your family and for the fresh and pleasant look of your interior. There are various ways in which you can take care of the carpeting and each one of them has its pros and cons. We’d tell you about five of them and leave it to you to decide what carpet cleaning method is best for your home.

    Dry Cleaning Method with an Absorbent Detergent

    In this method, professional cleaners use powder mixed with special solvents and agents. This cleaning mixture is spread through the carpet with the help of a machine that has counter-rotating brushes. This allows the cleaning agents reach the fibres of the carpet and act on the stains, dirt and soils. The mixture should stay on the carpet for about 15 minutes before it is vacuumed.

    Main Benefit: Very quick drying – no more than 20 minutes before the carpet can be used as normal.

    Main Downfall: Unsuitable for plush pile carpets and people with dust allergies.

    Dry Cleaning Method with Foam or a Rotary Shampoo

    This carpet cleaning method is very similar to the first one, however, instead of powder, it involves foam, which is also applied with a special machine. After a short period of time, the dirt and debris from the carpet can be removed along with the foam by using a vacuum cleaner.

    Main Benefit: Minimal moisture, therefore quick to dry and easy to apply.

    Main Downfall: Cannot achieve deep soil extraction and kill bacteria and germs

    Bonnet Cleaning Method

    The Bonnet carpet cleaning method involves the use of an absorbent pad. It is the most common method for routine carpet cleaning and can be done by non-professionals. The first step is vacuuming and then applying a chemical solution with an electric sprayer. After the development time, the moisture and the dirt are absorbed with the bonnet (absorbent pad).

    Main Benefit: Quick, easy and inexpensive

    Main Downfall: Unsuitable for deep cleaning and may be harmful to people with allergies to cleaning chemicals.

    Wet Cleaning Method

    This is the most popular and commonly used carpet cleaning method. The majority of professional cleaners also prefer it. Wet cleaning is also recommended by carpet manufacturers. It allows high temperatures, pressure and strong chemicals.

    Main benefit: Most efficient cleaning to the deepest parts of the carpet.

    Main Downfall: Long drying time and high cost.

    Steam Cleaning Method

    You can efficiently clean your carpet with steam too. This does not involve the use of any chemicals but also dampens the carpet and it may require a longer time to dry depending on the type of carpet and other factors. It kills 99% of the germs and bacteria dwelling in the fibres of your carpet.

    Main Benefit: Ideal for people with allergies or respiratory conditions.

    Main Downfall: Some stains may require additional cleaning.

    Does your carpet need cleaning? We can use any of the methods to provide the best service for you and your home. Book your carpet cleaning appointment with PNP today.

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