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    Cleaning for Business – How to Choose the Right Cleaner

    Cleaning for Business - How to Choose the Right Cleaner

    Commercial cleaning is quite different from domestic cleaning for many reasons. Many cleaning companies offer both services but have different teams that perform each. This is mainly due to the fact that commercial cleaning requires specific training in relation to the tasks involved and the equipment that may be used. So how to choose the right cleaner for your business?

    Check the Company Reviews

    One of the best ways to decide if a particular cleaning company would be a good fit for your business is by checking the reviews. If the company does not specialise in commercial cleaning alone, then make sure you are reading reviews that apply to the particular service you are interested in. Usually, Google reviews and Google search algorithm – RankBrain are more reliable than Facebook search. Anyway, bear in mind that some negative ratings may come from unfair competitors and not actual unhappy clients.

    Check the Skills of the Commercial Cleaners

    Speak to the cleaning company ask what is included in the service and what particular tasks have the cleaners been trained to perform. Some pointers include:

    • Power washing
    • Carpet cleaning
    • Hard floor cleaning
    • Touchpoint cleaning
    • Special events cleaning

    Good employers provide continuous relevant training to their staff and they should be able to provide information about the type of training and knowledge their employees are receiving.

    Punctuality is Important

    A professional commercial cleaner should place a huge importance on punctuality. Time is money, after all. Things happen and especially in a busy city like London traffic could be a huge obstacle to good timekeeping. Ask about the company’s policy about cleaners’ late arrival. Normally, you should only be charged for the time cleaners spend cleaning, but just to be sure, check this before you make a booking to avoid unpleasant surprises.

    Flexibility is Key

    Most commercial settings require cleaners to be flexible to ensure minimal disruption during the work process. The right cleaner for your company will be able to cover a variety of shifts that may fall early in the morning or late in the evening. They should also be discreet and honest, especially if they are working on their own after all other employees have left.

    How Green are They

    Environmental responsibility is important for most businesses. But this is not the only reason why you should look for commercial cleaners who adopt eco-friendly methods of work. One of the most common allergies in Britain is to cleaning chemicals. You need to ensure that your staff works in a safe environment so always ask cleaning companies what kind of products they use before you make a booking. We at PNP are committed to using 100% eco-friendly cleaning products that are incredibly efficient and safe even for people with severe allergies.

    Do you need a commercial cleaner for your office, restaurant, shop or other types of business setting? Don’t look further! PNP Cleaning Services have the knowledge, experience, qualities and resources to deliver extraordinary results.

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