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    Easter Bake Off – Top Tips for Oven Cleaning

    Easter Bake Off - Top Tips for Oven Cleaning

    Easter is coming and for many households, this means lots of baking and roasting. We are already imagining the fingerlicking taste of the traditional roasted lamb and delicious hot cross buns. However, one thing that can totally spoil your Easter lunch and dinner is a dirty oven! Just in time for the preparations, we’ll share with you top tips for oven cleaning.

    Get Rid of the Burnt-On Stuff

    Scraping is tiring and in some cases can damage your oven. You can spare yourself the hard effort and some disappointment by using a wooden spoon to remove the solid burns. It’s a good starting point of oven cleaning because it will make the rest of the process easier.

    Steam Clean Your Oven

    What?! No, it’s not what you think. You can squeeze a couple of lemons in a heatproof bowl, place it in the oven and heat on a low temperature. Leave it like that overnight. The steam of the lemon juice will help dissolve the grime and the rough patches so less scrubbing for you in the morning.

    Use a Homemade Oven Cleaner

    You don’t have to necessarily buy a specialised product for oven cleaning. You can make one yourself. All you need is baking soda and white vinegar. It gets rid of grime and grease very effectively. Once you mix the ingredients you’ll get something like a paste, which you should apply to the oven and let it stay there for about 30-40 minutes. When you remove the paste, the stubborn stains go with it.

    No Nasty Smells

    Sometimes when cleaning your oven you may be able to get rid of the dirt successfully, but unpleasant smells can still be present. For example, if you’ve baked some fish the night before, You eliminate the odd smell by adding a few drops of your essential oil in a heatproof bowl and places in the oven while putting the heat on. Leave it for 60 to 90 minutes and enjoy a fresh oven, ready for helping you create your next culinary masterpieces.

    Make it Easy in the Future

    While these tips may be able to help you deal with some disastrous oven conditions, it would be wise to take certain steps to avoid getting to such a point. Here are a few things you could do minimise your work next time.

    • Always wipe the exterior of your oven after every use – it helps to eliminate germs.
    • Deep clean your oven once a month if you use it regularly or once every 6 weeks otherwise.
    • Place a baking tray covered with foil under a dish you think may overflow and drip.
    • Don’t clutter your oven handle with towels and gloves.

    If you can’t be bothered going through any of this, there’s an easy solution. Book your oven cleaning appointment with PNP and let our cleaning experts to the job. We use 100% eco-friendly products so you can use your oven immediately after we are done. Happy Easter cooking!

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