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    20 Things to Get Rid of at the End of Summer

    Things to Get Rid of at the End of Summer

    Whether we like it or not, the lovely summer is on its way out and the everyday reality of life is about to settle in. This can be quite depressing, but decluttering your space can have a positive impact on how you feel about the coming change. Not only, a tidy home will put you in a good mood and boost your creativity, but also the very act of doing this will help you occupy your mind with something else, other than sobbing over the hot summer memories. Have we sold you on this? Here are 20 things you should definitely get rid of at the end of summer to turn your place into a nice and cosy home.

    1. Old magazines and newspapers

    There’s no point keeping the old summer issues of magazines and newspapers unless you want to make a vision board. Otherwise, they’ll just be taking space that can be used for a couple of new good books or family pictures.

    1. Medicines that have expired

    Autumn is coming and with it, unfortunately, the flu and other viral infections. Make sure your home pharmacy only contains medicines that have not expired yet. You don’t want to take or give someone else a pill or syrup that’s no longer ok to use.

    1. The kids’ summer clothes

    If you have children under 5 (and perhaps a bit older), there’s no point keeping their summer clothes for another year. They just won’t fit them any more next summer! If they are still in a good condition wash them, fold them nicely and donate them to a charity.

    1. Cushions and pillows that aren’t that comfortable anymore

    Anything that doesn’t make you comfortable and relaxed has no place in your home.

    1. Toxic cleaning materials

    Swap the commercial cleaning products, containing heavy toxic chemicals with eco-friendly solutions or DIY materials.

    1. Old toiletries

    It’s time to get new toothbrushes, bath sponges and other toiletries. Get soaps and shower gels with more autumn-like scents like cinnamon, for example, to help you get into the mood for the new season.

    1. Old furniture

    Make space for new and better things in your home and life. Get rid of old furniture that’s not serving a purpose any more.

    1. Kitchen equipment you don’t use often

    Ok, you don’t have to necessarily throw or give these away, but perhaps, put them in the attic, basement or whatever storage space you have available. Let your working area breathe.

    1. Junk mail and letters not addressed to you

    Many of us tend to keep letters for the previous tenants or flyers and junk mail stacked in the hallway. These are just cluttering your home, so get rid of them. The letters addressed to someone else you can return to the sender and the other mail, just put in the recycle bin.

    1. Damaged clothes

    We know a lot of people like to hold on to favourite clothes even though they are damaged beyond repair. Perhaps, they bring special memories up. But guess what, they have no place in your closet. Put them away in a memory box and go back to it whenever you feel like it if that’s your reason for not choking them out completely.

    1. Paperwork you no longer need

    Some documents you need to keep for quite a long period of time. However, others can go straight to the bin. Go through your filing cabinet or folder and get rid of any paperwork that’s no longer needed.

    1. Chipped cups, glasses, dishes and bowls

    We are about to be sipping a lot more tea in the coming weeks and months. Don’t take the risk of cutting yourself on a chipped mug. Regardless of how much you love that mug!

    1. Baby items you won’t be using

    Babies grow so quickly and some of the essentials soon become irrelevant. For example, if your baby has turned toddler over the summer (and you don’t plan another one), you can get rid of the bottle steriliser, baby bottles, dummies and toys that are no longer of interest.

    1. Presents you don’t like or won’t use

    You can’t just return a gift, but then again you don’t have to keep it either. Simply donate any items you don’t like or think you’d never use.

    1. Things with missing parts

    Stop telling yourself that you’ll find the missing parts or buy spares… Just throw the whole thing away.

    1. Worn-out beach towels

    You don’t need old beach towels. You’ll get new ones with better designs next summer.

    1. Shoes you don’t or rarely wear

    “I might need to wear them some time.” We’ve all used that excuse for a pair of shoes. In 90% of the cases, we never wore them. Do yourself a favour and get rid of them now.

    1. The air conditioning filter and vacuum cleaner bags

    Your AC did a good job this summer. It’s time to toss the old filter and get a new one. Same applies to your vacuum cleaner bag and any other filter that needs replacing.

    1. Food that’s gone past its expiry date

    The majority of people forget to regularly check the expiry dates of cupboard food. Just dump it in the cupboard and forget about it. The end of summer is a good time to get back on track with your food supplies and get rid of anything that you can’t eat any more.

    1. Dust and cobwebs

    You may have been away on holiday or just enjoying the summer in the garden. You hardly thought about dusting lighting fixtures and removing cobwebs from high ceilings. Well, that still needs to be done before the flu season comes in. The cleaner your house, the healthier you and your family will be.

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