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    6 Ways to Fight Depression without Medicines

    Depressed girl lying on a messy bed

    Depression is a very common mental health problem with people of all ages around the world. In the UK 1 in 6 people have depression or anxiety in any given week. The statistics may sound scary, but the good news is, there are actually natural ways of dealing with this condition. Depending on how serious the problem is, you may not require any medicines or even a therapy. If you’ve noticed the most common signs of early depression like insomnia, lack of interest in the thing you normally enjoy, unusual eating patterns or less social activity keep reading this post. We are going to suggest 6 ways to fight depression without medicines.

    1. Exercise

    Motivation to do things might be one of your biggest problems if you are depressed, but convincing yourself to do some physical exercises will do wonders with your mental health. This is so because, during a workout, your body produces endorphins – the hormones of happiness. It instantly puts you in a better mood and gives you a clear picture of what’s ahead in your life. Being active regularly helps your brain process information in a more positive way, which is the long-term gains of your depression fight.

    2. Sleep more

    This can sound like another paradox. Usually, people with depression experience insomnia so tend to have trouble falling asleep. However, being awake for too long can damage your mental health even more. One way of tricking yourself into sleep is establishing a stable pattern of going to bed and waking up. Don’t bring in your phone into the bedroom and unplug the TV. You should have no screen time at least an hour before going to bed. This will help you fall asleep quicker and enhance the quality of your sleeping time. Also if noise or light are distracting you, invest in some earplugs or an eye-mask.

    3. Eat a healthy diet

    Some people who experience depression lose their appetite. Others find comfort in high-calorie unhealthy food. This not only worsens your mental state but also puts your physical health at risk. The right path to recovery is balance. You need to eat serotonin-rich foods like salmon, turkey and coconut oil. High levels of serotonin, just like endorphin, has a positive impact on the brain.

    4. Listen to happy music

    It’s easy to put on repeat the sad songs playlist when you are feeling emotionally down. That’s a mistake! Instead, choose some lively music, perhaps the latest dance hits and move your body to the sound. You don’t have to be a good dancer, just shake what your mama gave you and let yourself forget about all your worries for some time.

    5. Talk to good friends and people who understand you

    Your feelings are unique, but your situation is not. Talking about your problems and concerns can boost your positivity. It will relieve part of the stress you have been under and can even help you find solutions. Talk to your good friends who you know won’t judge you or try to make you feel bad about yourself. If there’s no one who gets what you are going through in your circle, search for people who’ve walked in your shoes before.

    6. Clean and clear your space

    You will probably be surprised to read this, but clean and tidy environment has an amazingly positive effect on mental health. There have been various studies that have found out people who work and live in a tidy space are more creative, productive and have a generally positive outlook on life. You can start by clearing all the clutter lying around. People are visual creatures, therefore what we see has an impact on how we feel. Regular domestic cleaning can help you feel better and happier when you are at home. Steam cleaning improves your breathing and sleeping. If you do the cleaning yourself, this can also help you fight depression, because it takes your mind off things and engages you in a physical activity. And if you put that nice upbeat playlist on while you are mopping the floor, you are ready to kick depression in the butt.

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