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    How to Fight Hay Fever with No Medicines

    how to fight hay fever

    Hay fever is by far the most popular allergy in Britain. It affects hundreds of thousands of people from young children to the elderly. The main symptoms are watery eyes, blocked nose and tons of sneezing. Although, generally, not life threatening, it can be very uncomfortable and unpleasant. Hay fever is caused by the pollen spread from grass and trees during spring and summer. As we are approaching warmer days, we thought we’d give you some tips on how to fight hay fever with no medicines.

    What to do when you are out and about

    High pollen count lasts from the end of March to September, so there’s no way you can avoid going out in such a long period. The important thing is to learn how to prevent pollen coming in contact with your eyes, nose and mouth. Here are some ideas how to do this:

    • Wear wraparound sunglasses
    • Put vaseline around your nostrils to stop pollen from entering
    • Keep extra good personal hygiene – regular hand washing and showers after coming home.

    What to do when you are at home

    Although you can’t always stay at home, it is recommended to try spending as much time as possible indoors if you suffer from hay fever. It is important to make your home environment safe so that you can at least relieve your symptoms if you can’t completely eliminate them without medicines. This is what you can do:

    • Keep the doors and windows shut
    • Clean regularly
    • Invest in a vacuum cleaner with a HEPA filter
    • Buy a pollen filter for the car air vents

    What should you avoid

    There are certain activities you should avoid as much as possible in order to manage hay fever the best way possible with no medication involved. You shouldn’t:

    • Keep fresh flowers in your rooms
    • Dry clothes outside. Instead, use a tumble dryer with a hypoallergenic programme.
    • Let pets indoors (if possible)
    • Smoke or stay around smoke as it can worsen the symptoms
    • Cut or walk on grass

    Steam Cleaning

    Steam cleaning is also a great way manage hay fever. The hot steam eliminates the pollen from your carpet, furniture and curtains. It freshens up the air and gets rid of other allergens too. It also helps with the removal of mould, which makes hay fever symptoms much worse and can lead to chronic rhinitis. Getting good sleep at night with a blocked nose is often mission impossible. Having your home steam cleaned, though, promotes better sleeping.

    Protect yourself from the unpleasant touch of the pollen allergy. With our reliable and affordable steam cleaning service, your wellbeing is just a click away. PNP Cleaning Services has a digital booking system that is very easy to use. Just choose a suitable day and time and we will send you our best steam cleaning professionals. Spring is meant for enjoyment not sneezing and snuffling.

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