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    Great House Cleaning Tips During Winter

    Great House Cleaning Tips During Winter

    Bright autumn colours are still the main scenery when we look through the window. But make no mistake, winter is very close. Get ready for the cold weather by making your home a cosy and nice place to be eager to return to. We have some great house cleaning tips which will serve you well during winter. Let’s not waste any more time and get on with it.

    Clean your Radiators

    First and foremost, you need to keep your home warm. One of the most common reasons for a freezing room is not bad insulation as you would expect, but dirty radiators. What? Yes, that’s right. There are these types of heating outlets (double panel radiators) that accumulate a lot of dust in the “breathing” part. If you don’t clean that properly, the radiator is not working to its full capacity and therefore your room is colder than you’d like it to be. Use a cotton rag to wipe it inside and out. It may be hard to reach the inside, so try using a dusting brush for that part. You will feel the difference immediately!

    Clean your Extractor Fans

    Similarly to the radiators, extractor fans get clogged up with dust and dirt very quickly. During winter that’s certainly not ideal. Due to the cold weather and being conscious of the energy bills, you are less likely to open your windows for a longer period of time. That immediately creates good conditions for increased dampness and formation of mold on the walls. To avoid that, clean your extractor fans properly and let the damp air be removed from your premises. You may need to reassemble the extractor, wash it with warm water and soap, clean up the dust and dirt inside and then assemble it back. Once you are done, you will have peace of mind that the air you are breathing at home is fresh and healthy.

    Put Shoe Rugs on Both Sides of the Door

    Another problem for your home environment during winter are visitors who don’t take their shoes off. It’s not a common practice in the UK to leave your shoes at the door, however, establishing such house rule actually makes a lot of sense. We carry bugs, all sorts of bacteria and just nasty things under our shoe soles. These should not enter your living room. But if you can’t make visitors take their shoes off, at least have shoe rugs at both sides of the door. This will minimise the germs and dirt getting on your lovely carpets. –

    Clean out the Pantry

    During winter, one of the best cleaning tips you should follow is to clean out the pantry. Firstly, you will need some space for cupboard foods. Secondly, you want to make sure there is nothing going bad in there that can cause you problems. Also, in the colder periods, a lot of pests are looking for warm places to hide. Your pantry may be one of them, so make sure you don’t let them live in your house without paying rent.

    Rely on Steam Cleaning

    Steam cleaning is perfect for the winter months. It has so many health benefits that it will be crazy to not take an offer on it. It’s a completely natural, chemical-free and eco-friendly way to eliminate germs and viruses in your home. Not only that, steam cleaning has proven to improve sleep and make breathing easier for people with respiratory conditions. Have children or pets? One more reason to try steam cleaning during winter.

    Did we get you thinking about having your home steam cleaned? We are happy to talk to you some more about it. Why not give our friendly office assistant a call and they’ll give you all the information you need. If you are already sold on the idea, just book your slot in a few simple clicks.

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