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    HELP! My Kids Stained the Sofa

    HELP! The Kids Stained the Sofa

    Oh, parenthood is lovely, except for those times when you feel like taking a pillow and screaming in it because even if you spent 12 hours cleaning your home, it will take your kids roughly 12 minutes to turns it all upside down. And what about the precious furniture that suffers with every meal, no matter how careful you try to be? In the life of every new mom, there’s at least one occasion on which she will find herself typing “HELP! My kids stained the sofa!” in an online mum’s forum. Let’s skip the part where you have to go through hundreds of comments to find a solution for your problem. We are here to get you through it.

    Chocolate Stains on the Sofa

    Chocolate would probably be the most common substance to stain a sofa in a household with kids. Here’s how you can remove it:

    • Use a spoon to scrape out any chocolate left on the sofa.
    • Mix dishwashing liquid and cold water.
    • Dip a cloth in the mixture and start to softly remove the stain from the outer edge.
    • When the stain is light enough, wipe with a clean damp cloth and leave to dry.
    • Apply 2-3 drops of a dry cleaning solvent to the affected area, wipe it out and voila!

    Pasta Sauce Stains on the Sofa

    Kids love pasta and the more colourful the food, the more likely they are to eat it. Here’s the problem, though. The sauce that makes the food so attractive is quite hard to clean when it gets spilt on the sofa or carpet. Don’t worry, it isn’t a totally lost cause! Just follow these steps:

    • Use a sponge dipped in cold water to remove parts of the stain from the edges to the centre.
    • Rub a slice of lemon on the affected area.
    • Pour water on the stain, blot with a towel and let it dry.

    Nail Polish Stains on the Sofa

    Young children are naturally drawn to doing what mom is doing and look the way mom is looking. This means that if they see you polishing your nails or applying makeup often, they’d want to try this for themselves and when the least of opportunity presents itself you’ll be “pleasantly” surprised with nail polish stains all over the room. So how can you get rid of the mess?

    • Mix a tablespoon of washing liquid with two cups of cold water
    • Use a sponge to scrub the stain gently until it starts disappearing
    • Blot the wet area and let dry

    Nail polish stains on upholstery could be quite hard to remove. If you tried the above method and your sofa still looks ruined book an appointment for professional upholstery cleaning. The results are guaranteed.

    Crayon Stains on the Sofa

    If you think getting rid of nail polish stains on the sofa is hard, try crayons! Your little artists will probably get creative at some point and spread their crayon masterpieces to the furniture and walls. When your favourite armchair falls a victim of this artistic process, try the following:

    • Remove the excessive crayon from the affected area with a knife or spoon.
    • Put some dishwashing liquid directly on the stain and wait a couple of minutes.
    • Pour hot water on the treated area.
    • Scrub with a sponge and more hot water.
    • Leave it to dry and if needed, repeat the process.

    Here’s the thing – we want you to enjoy your time with your children and have a spotless home at the same time. Next time you feel like pulling your hair out because your kids added new colours to the furniture or carpet, just call us or book directly online. We’ll take care of any stain with a professional touch and smile. Trust us, you won’t regret it!

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