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10 habits of successful people

habits of successful people

Being more productive saves you time and makes you feel accomplished. Unfortunately, a lot of people work in a chaotic way that hinders their potential and results. It’s not surprising that most successful people have high levels of productivity even when they need to do many things in a short period of time, without compromising the quality. Can you do that? Of course you can. You just need to follow these habits and tips on how to increase your productivity.

1. Plan your day

Planning is essential for productive work. It gives you a structure and reminds you of all the little things that can easily get forgotten. It’s also a good idea to separate your daily tasks in various areas of life, for example, work, family, personal development. Another useful thing to add to your plan is a time frame for each task. This is a huge productivity booster, especially for individuals who like competing and work well under pressure.

2. Keep your space tidy

Whether you work in an office or at home, clutter is the main enemy of productive performance. A number of studies have shown that tidy places stimulate mental activity and the birth of new ideas. Do you want to be the founder of the next big thing? Clear up your desk, maintain your closet organised and your home clean. They all play a role in your productivity, and therefore, your success.

3. Have several breaks

Planning your tasks throughout the day and set a time for each will help you select slots for breaks. Take 10-20 minutes break for every 90 minutes of work. Move away from your current environment to reset your brain. If you can, go outside. It will make you feel refreshed and boost your mental capacity, which translates into higher productivity.

4. Find out what time works best for you

Different people function best at different times. Some are most productive and alert during the morning and often referred to as larks. Others, get their energy and mental agility levels accelerated at night. These are known as owls. When do you feel like you can accomplish more? When you have the answer, schedule your bigger and more important tasks for that time and leave the smaller bits for the time when you aren’t at your best.

5. Plan your meals weekly

This is a great tip for increasing productivity not only for working professional but also for busy moms staying at home. Deciding on a daily menu can take a lot of time, which you can spend doing more significant things. So plan your meals for the entire week and then do the grocery shopping according to the plan. This way you have a direction to follow and you only need to do the actual cooking.

6. Exercise

Finding even 15 minutes a day to do some basic exercise will boost your productivity. It improves the blood circulation in your body, the muscle tone and reduces the stress. Furthermore, it helps you keep fit and look good. Who doesn’t like a successful person with an attractive appearance?

7. Get more sleep

A lot of people think that they can get more done if they sacrifice a few hours of sleep. This is completely wrong, especially if you do it on regular basis. Your brain needs average 8 hours of sleep to function well. The more you starve your body for sleep, the more you damage your organs. This often leads to both physical and mental illnesses. And if you are sick, it is quite obvious you can’t be productive.

8. Share your goals

If you keep your goals and objectives to yourself, it may be easier to slack on achieving them or completely give up. Share these with your family and friends to be held accountable. Even better – start a blog where you can talk about your personal development and use it as a platform to keep up with your targets.

9. Light music or peace and quiet

This is often a topic for dispute, mainly because different people’s brains are wired differently. Some argue that light music stimulates mental activity and as a result increase productivity. For others though, a quiet environment is an essential requirement for productive work. Find out what works for you better and apply it.

10. Outsource what you can

It’s great receiving praise for being a superwoman or a man, coping with so many things at once, but in reality multitasking decreases your productivity, especially at work. This is because your brain does not solely focus on one thing and spends more time completing two or three tasks at the same time than if you were doing it one by one. Can you outsource cleaning? Do it! Can you give a minor task to a colleague or an intern? Go for it.

Remember, to be productive you need to develop winning habits while doing the things you love and are great at.

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