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How to plan a royal-like party in your garden without stress

Royal party

A lot of people across the country (and abroad) had private parties in their homes in honour of Harry and Meagan’s Royal Wedding. It was a lot of fun with succulent barbeque meals and summer drinks. If you missed the opportunity to gather your friends around and have a blast during the wedding, don’t worry! It’s summertime. If you’re looking to organise a party sometime this summer, here’s how to do it.

1. Get your Garden Ready

Ok, the weather is finally sticking to its nice patterns, so it will be a shame to hide inside the house and miss the chance to get some vitamin D. Furthermore, you can have more people around if you use your outside space. That said, make sure your garden is in a good enough state to accommodate party guests.

  • Mow the lawn
  • Get rid of any clutter
  • Fix the fence (if needed)
  • Set up the gazebo
  • Get the BBQ ready

2. Send out Invitations

This is a Royal Party after all! Even if you don’t go for the formal paper invitations sent by post, design something nice and cheeky and send it to your friends on Whatsapp, Facebook, or whatever platform you use to keep in touch. Also, ask for RSVP. This will help you plan your meals and space.

3. Plan the Party Menu

Think about party food that’s easy to prepare and serve. Burger is the obvious choice, but you can add some smoked chicken, spring rolls, dips and salad. Well, it doesn’t sound very royal, but as long as it tastes good, we’d give it a pass. You can add a classy touch with personalised or themed cupcakes. Those are easy to make and you can find kits in any supermarket.

4. Stack up on Drinks

No party is a good party without drinks. And we don’t mean alcoholic drinks only. Cater for everyone who is attending. If your party is kid-friendly, get a few boxes of fruit shoots and be ready for hyperactive children running around. Water, fizzy drinks and fresh juices are great. Perhaps you want to think about some beer, rose or spring/summer cocktails. Last but not least, think like the Royals, drink like the Royals – get some bubbly for prestige.

5. Sort Out the Entertainment

You don’t really need a professional DJ, but it’s important to put together a nice playlist with current and all-time hit songs that your guests will enjoy. A royal party doesn’t mean classical music (unless that’s your idea of fun). But entertainment is not all about the sounds. Think of games and activities that everyone can take part in.

  • Run a quiz
  • Musical Chair
  • Eating competition
  • Water bombs fight
  • Dance competition
  • Guessing games

6. After Party Cleaning Arrangements

After all, that royal fun that you are planning, it will be wise to think about who’s gonna clean up the royal mess. Best practice to minimise your efforts afterwards is to use disposable dishes, cups and cutlery. You can still buy the elegant looking ones to emphasise on the royal party feeling, but at least you won’t have to wash them later. So you have a few options:

  • Clean up all by yourself (not recommended if you plan on getting a hangover)
  • Ask your best friends to give you a hand (don’t rely on this 100%, because you might end up with option 1)
  • Ask the guests to clean up before they leave (practical, but not very hospitable)
  • Hire a professional after party cleaning service (might be the best idea, especially if you just want to enjoy peace after the enjoyment and you have to go to work the next day)

Hey, if you do organise a royal party in your backyard and you don’t invite us, at least share some of the photos!

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