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How to Keep the Dirt Out During Winter

Winter season is often associated with lots of mud and dirt we carry around because of the soggy and cold weather. Not to mention the harmful bacteria we spread involuntarily when we move from time to time. Apart from being unpleasant, it can also be dangerous especially if we live with children, sick or elderly people whose immune system isn’t that strong. So let’s explore a few ways of how to keep the dirt away during winter.

Leave the Dirt Out with a Boot-Scraper

An excellent way to minimise the damage mud and dirt can do to your floor or new carpet is to install a boot-scraper next to your front door. This way you can clean your shoes before you enter your home. Saves you a lot of time from cleaning and protects your loved ones from some dangerous bugs you may be sneaking in.

Put Doormats On Both Sides of Your Exterior Door

Another helpful idea to keep the dirt out would be putting double doormats on your exterior door(s). Place the thick types with bristles outside to pick up large particles and mud and softer ones inside to absorb the dampness. There are some really nice and fun designs that can make a great addition to your home interior. Two doormats – one cleaner and cosier house.

Take Your Shoes Off in the Hallway

A bullet-proof strategy for keeping the dirt out of your home would be to take your shoes off before you enter any of the rooms you and your family live in. It isn’t such a common practice in the western countries, but many cultures around the world find it even offensive for someone to walk in their home with the shoes on. From a scientific point of view, leaving your shoes in the hallway is much more hygienic than keeping them on your feet when you are sitting on your sofa for example.

Mop Regularly

Ok, this doesn’t exactly keep the dirt out, but it removes it quickly if it has been spread onto wood flooring or tiles. You could use some disinfectant products to make sure you are also getting rid of the germs that came with the dirt and mud on your floor. It is essential for households with pets and little children as they are closer to the ground and are much more exposed to respiratory and other infections.

Invest in Deep Carpet Cleaning

If you prefer the cosiness of fluffy carpets in your home, regular mopping won’t do the trick in your efforts to keep the dirt out during winter. A great solution, however, would be to invest in a deep carpet cleaning service. Let a professional do it and save yourself plenty of time and energy. Professional carpet cleaning can be very cost-efficient and provides excellent benefits for the whole family. PNP service is completely safe and reliable because we use 100% eco-friendly cleaning products and always achieve nothing less than perfect results.

Do you have any other ideas on how to keep the dirt out during winter? We’d love to hear them so leave a comment below.

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