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How to Keep Your Home Clean During the Holidays

Living room with Christmas decorations

Surely you are excited about the festive period and spending some time with the family, as far away from work as possible. But usually big family celebrations despite being extremely fun, leave a pile of mess that has to be cleaned up. Wouldn’t it be great if the Fairy Godmother showed up every time you had a big house party and just did her magic over your place? Yeah, we dream of that too. But hey, it’s not all that grim. We actually have some good tips on how to keep your home clean during the holidays.

Clean as you Decorate

Hopefully, you got to read this tip just before you put up your Christmas decorations. Festive home decorating time is just the perfect opportunity to deep clean your home for winter. Get rid of old stuff you don’t need, wipe all surfaces, remove all dust and cobwebs on the ceiling. Don’t forget to clean behind and under the furniture! Wash your windows too. Now you have a clean and lovely house, ready to be transformed into a magical Winter Wonderland space. The main benefit of deep cleaning is that your home will look presentable for longer and you may only need to hoover a couple of times a week.

Use the Advent Calendar Trick

If you have children, you have a great advantage! Use the Advent Calendar to make them help you with some domestic cleaning chores. Tell them they can have the prize for each day only if they complete a certain task, for example, dust the furniture, clean up their rooms or hoover the living room. If they do that for 24 days, it could easily become a habit and they would continue doing it even after Santa’s brought the gifts.

Keep the Cleaning Products Close

Houses are messier than other times of the year during the holidays. Therefore, a great tactic to keep your home clean at that period is having your essential cleaning products within a safe reach. Did somebody spill wine on the sofa? No worries, quickly spray it and clean up the stain. Your kid proudly smashed part of the mince pie on the floor? Fix that fast too.

Focus on the Living Room and Common Spaces

Over the Christmas holidays, you and your guests will spend most of the time in the living room, kitchen, dining room and bathroom. Make sure that you maintain these as your cleaning priority. The rest of the house space can wait until after the party madness.

Use Sofa Covers

A great way to salvage your furniture from tasting the festive menu is by using covers that can be washed or disposed of. That can even be part of your decoration and bring more Christmas spirit to your domestic environment.

Go for an Artificial Christmas Tree

We know that there’s nothing better than the fresh smell of an evergreen tree at the corner of your living room. It’s one of the most emblematic symbols of Christmas and the family holidays. But guess what… it actually makes you clean more than enjoy a blissful time with your loved ones. You’d have to be picking up or vacuuming needles every single day (perhaps a few times a day) and if you have little children or pets it could be even worse. Solve your problem by getting one of these realistically-looking artificial Christmas trees. One more benefit – you don’t need to worry about how to dispose of it after the holidays. Just dismantle it and put it in the box until next year.

Make the Dishwasher your Best Friend

Christmas equals a lot of food, a lot of food equals a lot of dirty dishes. Load the dishwasher every night before bed so you have clean plates and cutleries every morning. That way you can peacefully enjoy your morning coffee watching TV, instead of standing in front of the sink.

Have you come up with other creative ways to keep your home clean during the holidays? We’d love to hear them, so please share with us in the comments below. Oh, and one last thing… If you just want to rest and have fun with your family, rather than bothering yourself with cleaning, we are here to take the burden off you. Give us a call or book an appointment with our lovely domestic cleaners now.

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