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5 Mistakes You Should Avoid When Moving Home

5 mistakes you should avoid when moving out

Moving home is a very hard task for a number of reasons. There’s the physical exhaustion of packing boxes and dismantling furniture. There’s the mental stress of trying to remember everything you need to do and everyone you need to notify. Also, quite importantly, there’s the emotional struggle of coping with change. For some people, that’s the hardest part. So if you are planning to change home soon, here are the 5 mistakes you should avoid when moving home.

1. Do the End of Tenancy Cleaning Yourself

You may be thinking the best way to save some money is to roll up your sleeves and do the end of tenancy cleaning without paying for a service. That’s actually a wrong strategy. First, you will spend a lot of hours doing this when you could be using the time to plan other important activities. Second, end of tenancy cleaning isn’t an easy job and it will drain your body. Third, but very significant – you may actually lose money! Most letting agencies and landlords have explicit clauses in the tenancy agreement such as requesting a professional end of tenancy cleaning service to be carried out. Otherwise, you lose part of your deposit or in some cases, even all of it. You don’t want that to happen.

2. Leave the Change of Address for Later

Many people don’t bother changing their address until after they had moved and settled in the new home. This is a mistake. Try to notify your bank, employer and other important institutions of your address change a couple of days before you move out from the old place. If you wait for later, some sensitive information may be sent to your previous address and you may not have any access to it.

3. Spend too Much on New Furniture and Household Items

Moving home is expensive. You have a lot of costs you need to consider like paying your new home’s deposit, the first month’s rent, renting a van, paying for end of tenancy cleaning and many other things that just pop up. If you are moving to an unfurnished place and don’t have your own furniture don’t spend too much on new items. Buy only the necessities. Remember that even if you are able to get your old deposit in full, it may take up to a month for the money to be released so you should be prepared to live on a tighter budget.

4. Leave Packing for the Last Minute

Start organising your items from the day you secure your new home. Of course, there will be stuff you can’t pack immediately, but leaving everything for the very end of the tenancy is a really bad idea. You get stressed, tired and irritable. Or in other words – no joy to be around. So help yourself by arranging things you use less frequently in boxes, ready to move.

5. Cling to the Memories

It’s hard to leave a place you loved, especially if you spent a long time there and you built a ton of memories. But remember, those memories are of the people who lived there. If you are lucky enough they are all coming with you. And even if they aren’t, you are about to step into a new beginning of your life. This is exciting and refreshing. Don’t be sad you are leaving something familiar. The new and unfamiliar may be scary, but it is certainly thrilling and you should take the maximum out of it.

What is the part you hate the most about moving home?

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