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    10 Reasons You Should Never Hire a Professional Cleaner

    who needs a professional cleaner

    The Internet is full of articles talking about the benefits of hiring a professional cleaner. But we are fans of objective thinking, so we thought, why not list all the reasons you should never hire a professional cleaner. That’s right, let’s look on both sides!

    1. You won’t need to pay for a gym membership

    Who needs an hour on the treadmill when you can climb up and down the stairs, scrub old stains and squat more times than you can count? House cleaning is a brilliant workout you will certainly be missing on if you hire a professional cleaner. See, keeping fit can be cheaper than you ever imagined.

    2. You can get your children tired easily and send them straight to bed

    Kids love making a mess. Somehow they lose all of their enthusiasm if you make them clean it up. Loads of busy moms get a professional cleaner to come and maintain their house in a relatively normal condition. Don’t do it! Instead, issue house cleaning chores to your children and demand they always complete them. This should get them tired enough and they can go straight to bed, after the job is done, letting you enjoy a peaceful glass of wine on the couch.

    3. You don’t need to give in to your paranoia

    A stranger is coming into your house! A stranger! So what if they have passed all security clearance checks, have hundreds of brilliant references and recommendations and actually do a great job? They remain strangers in your home. There’s no way you could feel calm and safe working in the office, knowing that some cleaning lady is changing your bed sheets and perhaps seeing things you’d rather no one sees. You can easily avoid all the unnecessary worries by simply not hiring a professional cleaner and managing your space yourself.

    4. Your wife won’t find out you are cheating on her

    Having a professional cleaner coming to your home may expose your well-kept affair with the girl next door. Cleaning professionals may not have the right to discuss your personal affairs with anyone and even realise it’s wrong to gossip, but how would you make sure they won’t spill the beans to the Mrs? Some people’s moral compass is so low…

    5. You won’t be disappointed

    Come on, no one can clean the house like you do! All the professional training and experience these guys have, doesn’t mean they know exactly how you like your tiles scrubbed. Why feeling frustrated with the great job they did that’s not up to your standards when you can just not hire a professional cleaning and only rely on yourself?

    6. You will save tons of money

    Have you recently checked how much these cleaning companies charge? The nerve! Prices starting from £13 and more. What kind of special qualifications do these guys have? If you wanted your house cleaned once a week, in the best case scenario you’d have to spend at least £30 (and that’s if you hire a freelance professional cleaner). That’s a lot of money you can be spending on so many other things you don’t need but make you feel good. Do that and just sacrifice your Saturday sanitising the toilet and doing some other house cleaning chores, instead.

    7. You can waste your time on something you completely hate

    Doing things you don’t like builds character! You know you absolutely hate cleaning – do it yourself. Forget about hiring a professional cleaner to make your life easier. Spend a whole weekend you will never get back struggling with the 3-year-old stain on your sofa, unclog your kitchen sink and scrub the bathroom until it sparkles. Missed a family day out? Who cares, you have unshakable control over your feelings and desires!

    Have some more reasons for never hiring a professional cleaner? Let’s hear them!

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