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    Why Schools and Nurseries Hire Commercial Cleaners

    schools and nurseries cleaning

    Places that get visited by children on daily basis require regular and extensive for a number of reasons. Many schools and nurseries turn to the services of commercial cleaners to ensure the safety and well-being of the children.

    Maintain High Standards of Hygiene

    The primary aim of hiring commercial cleaners for schools and nurseries is to eliminate the danger of spreading infectious diseases by maintaining a high standard of hygiene. The children and staff bring in and out numerous bacteria and germs every day and sanitising the
    classrooms, canteen and toilets are really important. Regular cleaning is also beneficial for young children who are closer to the ground and those with allergies.

    Improve the Level of Concentration

    Apart from being a health hazard, dirt and clutter are also a distraction for most children. This can prevent them from focusing and harm their learning process. Research has shown that clean environment stimulates mental activity and boosts creativity, as well as the
    general well-being of people.

    Trust the Experience

    Commercial cleaners come with years of experience and relevant training so they know exactly what areas to tackle and how. They are also very efficient at venues working with children, their safety is number one priority. It is essential for everyone who comes to perform
    a task there to be DBS checked and a reputable cleaning company will have all of their employees pass the checked before they are sent to clients.

    They Have the Equipment

    Schools and nurseries often need thorough cleaning which requires a specific equipment. Commercial cleaners usually come with it and get the job done quickly without disrupting the activities going on in the venue. They also use products that are safe for children and people with allergies, but very efficient at the same time. Often these kind of products are not available in department stores and only intended for professional use.

    Extra Value and Cutting Costs

    Although hiring commercial cleaners may seem expensive, it is quite likely to be much cheaper than other alternatives you could come up. If you decide to clean the school or nursery premises yourself that will take you a lot of time, which you could invest in curriculum development, marketing or other productive activities. You could ask your staff to take those responsibilities, but you will have to pay them extra either as overtime or general increase to the salary due to added duties. Thinking that you could save money by not doing the cleaning at all would be the most unwise and potentially most expensive option because it can become a reason for closing down of the school or nursery.

    PNP Cleaning Services offers comprehensive packages to a variety of commercial clients, including schools, nurseries and children centres. We guarantee exceptional results, safe cleaning products and reliable, well-prepared staff. We’d love to work with you in a way that suits you best. Call 075 8868 7034 or email today for a personalised quote.

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