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    Why You Need Spring Cleaning during Autumn

    spring cleaning during autumn

    Spring Cleaning in September? Who does that? Every sensible person really. Spring cleaning is just another word for deep cleaning. It became more known this way because back in the days, people waited for the first warmer days in the new year to give their home a little makeover and get rid of any clutter. However, deep cleaning is necessary more than once a year and there are some great reasons why you should do spring cleaning during autumn.

    1. Declutter Your Space

    After the hot summer days and holiday mood, you want to transform your home into a cosy environment ready for the cold winter. Rearrange your closet putting away the summer clothes and anything that doesn’t fit. Bring out the sweaters and warm winter boots. Do some filing as well. All these summer magazines and newspapers aren’t relevant anymore and they are just taking space in your living room.

    2. Clean What You Don’t See

    It’s a great time to clean behind furniture and appliances. During the summer, your windows and garden doors must have been open most of the time. A lot of dust, pollen and germs would have stacked on places you can’t see or reach. Also, it is a great opportunity to have a little change in your interior. You can make small adjustments to the position of the furniture or completely move it around. It almost feels like you are living in a new house.

    3. Get the Bugs Out

    The heat brings many crawling creatures in. Some of us absolutely hate these little buggers, so make sure they won’t disturb you while you are sipping your afternoon tea with cinnamon on the sofa. Even if the bugs are not there anymore, they may have left eggs which you certainly want to get rid of. Spring cleaning will deal with that.

    4. Prepare for the Flu Season

    The better sanitised your home is, the less chance of getting sick. It’s always good to arrange for deep cleaning in your house in the autumn to eliminate any germs and bacteria that may cause you and your family fall sick. After all, the flu season is just around the corner. Remember, prevention is always better than cure.

    5. Minimise Your Weekly Workload

    The best thing about spring cleaning is it transforms your house in a spotless environment. That means once it’s done you can sit back and relax, enjoying a fresh and healthy setting. Your weekly cleaning workload will go down because you’ll only have to dust, vacuum and mop the main working and living space. Is it time for a quick afternoon nap already?

    6. Take Care of the Bedding

    Mattresses also need your attention from time to time. Autumn is the perfect time to freshen yours so you can enjoy a comfy sleep during those long cold Sunday mornings. You can remove unpleasant smells using baking soda and then vacuuming it off after a couple of hours.

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    Have we convinced you spring cleaning is a top idea during autumn? If you feel it’s too much hassle, don’t worry, we’ve got that covered! Our cleaning professionals will ensure your home looks and feels its best in no time. Book a convenient date and time slot and leave the rest to us.

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