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Is Steam Cleaning Suitable for All Surfaces at Home

Is steam cleaning suitable for all surfaces

You’ve heard us say it many times – we love steam cleaning! There’s no doubt about the numerous benefits it brings to many households. It’s great for people who suffer from respiratory diseases, it promotes better sleep and can help you get rid of all germs and bugs completely naturally. But here comes a question – is steam cleaning suitable for all surfaces at home? Not really. Let’s look at the safe areas and fabrics that can be steam cleaned and the ones that should never be touched by vaporised extra hot water.

What Can Be Steam Cleaned

Hard Flooring 

You can steam most hard flooring with no issue. Your kitchen and bathroom floors are probably the best places to use a steam cleaner if they are tiled or wooden. Steam can be used also on laminated floors, stone floors or those covered with vinyl.


Steam cleaning is suitable for most types of upholstery with a few exceptions we will mention a bit further down in this article. Wooden or plastic chairs, chest of drawers or wardrobes can also be steam cleaned. However, if you treat the latter, make sure you leave the doors and drawers open for a while to prevent condensation and dampness.


The thick types of curtains wouldn’t be damaged by a steam cleaner. In fact, it is a great idea to use it on such curtains to remove any pollen or germs that may have come through the window and give them a more polished and smooth look.


Almost any type of carpet can be steam cleaned, except for the braided carpets. If you happen to have one of these, you will need to find another solution for cleaning it.

What Cannot be Steam Cleaned

Hard Surfaces

Although it is a great method for eco-friendly cleaning, steam cleaning is, unfortunately, not universal. You can’t use it on brick walls, marble or water-based paint. Also if any of your surfaces at home are made of cardboard.


If you love the soft feeling of your gorgeous velour upholstery, do not let a steam cleaner anywhere near it. The hot water can damage the fabric and make it look terrible. Also be careful when you steam clean leather. The concern here isn’t about damaging the leather, but more of avoiding bad smell afterwards due to improper ventilation. Let dry on fresh air.

Delicate Fabrics

We would say that steam cleaning your silk or chiffon curtains is not a good idea. There is a real chance you completely ruin them with steam, especially if you are not professionally trained. Your domestic cleaner may have done this before with extra caution, but don’t forget they have the relevant knowledge and skills to perform the task safely.

If you are unsure where to use a steam cleaner at home, but you recognise all the amazing benefits of steam cleaning, we’ll advise you to leave it to the professionals. PNP Cleaning Service are specialists in steam cleaning and we have successfully transformed the air quality of many homes throughout London with the power of steam. Don’t take our words for it, let us give you an actual proof. Book a steam cleaning service today and enjoy a healthy, peaceful domestic environment.

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