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    10 Tips for Effective Bathroom Cleaning

    Clean bathroom interior

    The bathroom is one of the places no one really enjoys cleaning. But it’s so important to maintain this space sanitised and tidy. Bathroom cleaning is associated with a lot of scrubbing and some gross spots to sort out. But it doesn’t have to be such a dreadful experience. Here are 10 tips for effective bathroom cleaning that’s not going to take forever and make it seem like a child’s game.

    1. Pick up rubbish from the floor

    Even though the bathroom is usually a tiny place, there’s always some small pieces of rubbish lying on the floor. Make your life easier by picking those up and putting them in a plastic bag. Add the empty shampoo bottles and the no-good items to that bag too.

    2. Take care of the shower head

    Removing limescale is really hard, especially from the shower head. However, there’s a smart and effective way to clean that. You need a plastic bag halfway filled with vinegar. Place the shower head inside and use a rubber band to secure the bag. Leave the shower head there for half an hour. When you remove it, the hard work will be done and you will only have to rinse with warm water.

    3. Apply bathroom cleaner to the bathtub and shower cabin

    While you are waiting for your shower head to self-clean, you can apply a cleaning solution to some of the other problematic areas in the bathroom, such as the bathtub or the shower cabin. Don’t forget the toilet too! For best results, you need to give it time between 30 and 40 minutes before you gently scrub and rinse.

    4. Clean the shower cabin door

    Another difficult area to cope with during the bathroom cleaning is the shower cabin door. Using alcohol will work perfectly there. Just spray the glass with vodka or another spirit. You don’t need to wait for more than a couple of minutes before you use a cotton cloth to scrub and wipe the glass.

    5. Clean the metallic items

    It’s not only the showerhead that accumulates a lot of limescale. Make sure you clean all the metallic items in the bathroom so they can get back their shiny look. Using vinegar will work perfectly fine for this task.

    6. Clean other areas

    If you haven’t done a thorough bathroom cleaning for a while, you may need to pay special attention to the door, the shelves and even the walls. If you have painted walls in the bathroom use only a soft sponge and some dishwashing liquid to get rid of any stains. The same would work for the door and shelves too. If you have tiled walls, you could use all-purpose cleaner or another cleaning products specific for tiles cleaning.

    7. Dust the vent

    A lot of people neglect the bathroom vents and the result often is higher levels of dampness and eventually mould formation. Make it a habit to remove dust from the vent every time you clean the bathroom. This way you will avoid excessive accumulation of dirt in there. Clogged up vents are very hard to clean, they usually need replacement.

    8. Clean the vanity area

    Mirror, mirror on the wall, how to make you shiny like before? The same trick you used for the shower cabin door can be applied to your vanity mirror. Spray it with alcohol and use a cotton cloth to wipe. Try to wipe in one direction to achieve the best results. Apply bathroom cleaning product to the rest of the vanity area and rinse with warm water and soft sponge.

    9. Flush the toilet and take the rubbish out

    By this time the cleaning solution you applied to the toilet should have taken effect. Flush and use the toilet brush to scrub a little. Don’t forget to wipe under the seat, because it usually gets quite gross under it. Then take out the trash and replace the bin liner.

    10. Mop the floor

    Your final point of action during your effective bathroom cleaning would be mopping the floor. Unless absolutely necessary, we wouldn’t advise you to you bleach for your floor, although you may be tempted to do so. The health risks of bleach are more than the benefits it could provide. Instead, mix warm water and all-purpose cleaner in a bucket and use that as your sanitising solution for the bathroom floor.

    Still don’t feel like cleaning the bathroom is a fun way to spend your Saturday afternoon? It’s alright, we won’t judge you. In fact, we’d rather help you with that. Book a domestic cleaning service with one of our professional cleaners today and just enjoy your weekend in a squeaky clean home and bathroom.

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