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    Top 10 Cleaning Companies in London

    top 10 cleaning companies in London

    You probably know that the competition in the cleaning industry is more than severe. There are thousands of cleaning providers just in London, talk more across the country. While we applaud fair competition, we know that not all cleaning business is great. And because we really care about you and your satisfaction, we’d like to give you an idea of the guys you can truly trust to clean your home. We have ranked our top 10 based on brand, customer satisfaction and quality of service. Drum rolls, please, here are the top 10 cleaning companies in London.

    1. London Cleaning System

    If you say you’ve never heard of London Cleaning System, we’d find it hard to believe. Not only they have a huge presence online, but also offline. You drive on the road and every now and then you notice a London Cleaning System branded van. They are a huge company, specialising in quite a few services, not just cleaning, so if you are in need of an all-rounder, go check their website.

    2. Deep Clean

    If your kitchen is crying for a proper clean, Deep Clean Ltd are your guys. They serve all areas in London and specialise in kitchen deep cleaning. They also offer commercial kitchen cleaning, which is also quite a hard job.

    3. Maid2Clean

    Another very popular cleaning company in London is Maid2Clean. They are one of the biggest employers in the industry and even have franchises! Most of the feedback for their services is good but highly dependent on the franchise.

    4. MollyMaid

    One more cleaning brand that’s hard to not recognise is MollyMaid. They have branches nationally and do quite a good job in almost all areas. They specialise in domestic and end of tenancy cleaning. If you choose to work with them, someone will come to evaluate your property first, before they give you a price for the service.

    5. Happy House Cleaners

    Happy House Cleaners is a smaller company and it operates only in London, however, they seem to have good customer service. They have a variety of services to offer. If you are looking for domestic cleaning, prices start from £15 p/h.

    6. GoCleaners London

    Want to book your cleaner at 1am? No problem. GoCleaners London have 24/7 customer support lines. They provide domestic and commercial cleaning services at competitive prices. Also, there’s always some discount deal going on, so you may get exactly what you need for less.

    7. Distinct Cleaning

    Let’s talk about high-end cleaning! Have you ever wondered who cleans the retail outlets on Oxford Street, like the Armani shop, for example? It’s Distinct Cleaning! They offer commercial cleaning services to luxury brands in the heart of London. Perhaps, not the sort of company you will hire to clean your bedroom unless you are a celebrity.

    8. Chelsea Carpet Cleaners

    Speaking of high-end, let’s check the Channel of carpet cleaning – Chelsea Carpet Cleaners. As you already see, these guys are based in Chelsea – one of the richest boroughs of London and the United Kingdom, as a whole. The average price for a 2-bed flat there is £1 million. We wouldn’t want to guess how much a carpet costs in one of them, but we are pretty amazed to find out that the prices they offer are completely affordable.

    9. Zara Cleaning Services

    Going down south, almost outside of London and towards Kent, our number 9 in the top cleaning companies in London is Zara Cleaning Services. They offer domestic, carpet, spring cleaning and end of tenancy cleaning in the county of Kent. Professional and reliable, their service is quite popular with the local residents.

    10. PNP Cleaning Service

    Here we are! We included ourselves not to brag, but just because we think we are truly making our customers happy with the services we provide. We serve a variety in areas in London and offer anything from regular domestic cleaning to commercial office cleaning. What is more, we use eco-friendly, allergy-proof cleaning products with outstanding quality. Sounds like something you’d like to try? Why not give us a call today?

    This article is just a summary of data collected over time, we promise to update it as we have more data to compare your favourite cleaning companies. Please feel free to leave a comment to share your opinion if you have used any of the cleaning companies

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