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How to Use the Party Leftovers to Clean

how to use party leftovers to clean

Wow! Is that even possible? Aren’t leftovers part of the mess, anyway? How do you use them to clean? Well, if you have been reading our blogs, you know we are always full of surprises. Yes, there are ways in which you could use some of the party leftovers to clean up after the party itself! Let’s have a look.


If you had sandwiches or burgers at the party there’s probably some bread left. This comes really handy if the party went a little bit crazy and there’s broken glass on the floor. You could use the buns to pick up the pieces safely and then wipe the floor or vacuum.


That might sound strange, but beer can be actually a great helper in the fight of removing stains from the carpet. You don’t even need a lot of that. Just a few drops should be enough. Rub the beer on the stains and they will magically disappear!

Ice cubes

Errmm…how can you use ice cubes for cleaning? Well, imagine you had lovely candles lit all over the house during the party and some of the guests weren’t careful enough so now you have wax stains on your favourite mahogany table. What do you do? You place a few ice cubes in a plastic bag on the wax stains. After a while, they will become brittle and you will be able to remove them with a spatula.


Don’t just throw away any unused ketchup after the party. You can put it to work on your copper pots and pans. Rubbing ketchup on them makes them shine like brand new. Let it stay for about 20 minutes and rinse with warm water.

Coca Cola

House parties hardly ever go without Coca Cola. Quite often there are also leftovers from it, especially if you bought the big plastic bottles instead of cans. Even if you poured it down the train or in the toilet that would still not be a wasted drink. The Coke has the amazing power to degrade nasty stuff, so it makes a perfect toilet cleaner and sometimes can even help with unclogging the drain. What’s more, you can use it even for washing the dishes in the dishwasher!


Ah, alcohol! We are almost certain there was some sort of strong spirit at your party. You can use any leftovers in many creative ways when it comes to cleaning. Colour-free alcohol drinks are perfect for window cleaning. They will make the glass truly spotless and shiny. In addition, you can clean porcelain with vodka just great. Apart from this, spirits with high content of alcohol are brilliant disinfectants. Just spray your home with some of the leftovers to make sure you’ve killed all the bugs some of the guests may have brought.

Are you struggling with after party cleaning? Why bother at all when there’s a much easier way – let us do the work and you take care of your hungover!

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