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    How to become a cleaner at the Buckingham Palace

    who cleans the Buckingham Palace

    The Royal Family has been at the centre of the spotlight this month because of Harry and Meagan’s fairytale wedding. And while we enjoy a good love story, it is not what this blog is about. Having helped so many British households with their domestic cleaning chores, we wondered who are the people that clean the most prestigious and privileged British home – the Buckingham Palace.

    Who Are the Royal Cleaners?

    No cleaning company, unfortunately, has ever won a contract with Buckingham Palace. The way the Queen selects her housekeepers is through direct advertising. Job openings for domestic cleaners have been published by the Palace several times, causing some serious public discussions.

    What Is It Like to Be a Royal Cleaner?

    Despite the fact a job at the Buckingham Palace sounds glamorous, it really isn’t all that. The advertised salary of a full-time domestic cleaner for the royal family is just £16,995 a year. However, there are some exclusive benefits of the job that we need to mention:

    • The domestic cleaner lives in the Palace
    • They enjoy meals prepared by the Royal Chefs
    • They receive 15% pension contribution from the employer
    • They receive free training and the opportunity to grow.

    What Is Expected from the Royal Cleaner?

    The domestic cleaning obligations of the royal cleaners are not confined to the Buckingham Palace alone. They will also need to work at Windsor Castle. We can imagine they have been overwhelmed with tasks over the past few months in preparation for the Royal Wedding. And after all these high-profile guests, they are still keeping their hands quite busy.

    The housekeepers need to put in 40 hours of work a week, which can be on any given day from Monday to Sunday. So they don’t always have the weekends off and bank holidays… well, they don’t really apply to this position. The domestic cleaners are expected to be well organised, have good attention to detail and the desire to learn.

    Why Do You Pay More for Domestic Cleaning than the Queen?

    The average price any British household pays for a domestic cleaning service is £40 for 3 hours of work. That’s about £12.50 an hour, while the royal cleaners receive only £8.17 an hour. It seems a bit unfair, doesn’t it? Especially knowing how hard you work for your money. Well, there are a few important differences between your domestic cleaner and a member of the royal housekeeping team. Here’s the list:

    • You don’t provide accommodation for your cleaner. The Queen does – in the Buckingham Palace!
    • You pay for experienced and qualified cleaning professional who has undergone training and know what they are doing. The Queen hires inexperienced individuals who are eager to learn and pursue a career in hospitality. Training is provided. Just for reference, the Master of the Royal Household gets £122,000 a year.
    • You don’t pay any NI or pension contributions to the cleaners you hire because they work for a cleaning company or are self-employed. The Queen employs these individuals directly and pays generous contributions to their pension.
    • You are cool and can afford it.

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