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Worst End of Tenancy Cleaning Mistakes You Should Avoid

Worst End of Tenancy Cleaning Mistakes

It is normal to be stressed out when moving houses. Without a doubt, it is a time and energy consuming experience. Many people decide to take the burden of end of tenancy cleaning on top of every other demanding duty during this draining period. If that’s you too, we would like to help by reminding you of the worst end of tenancy cleaning mistakes you should avoid if you want to get your deposit back.

1. Not Cleaning the Windows

It is an extremely common practice for tenants not to bother about the state of the windows in the property. However, what you really need to do is check your tenancy agreement. In 90% of the cases, it states that the windows need to be clean inside and outside when you are moving out. Also, if you are hiring a professional end of tenancy cleaning service, you need to discuss this with the cleaners because not all cleaning companies include outside cleaning of the windows as part of their service.

2. Not Dusting Lighting Fixtures on High Ceilings

As professional cleaners, we’ve seen pretty much everything. Quite often we get called after a tenant has moved out and they decided to do the end of tenancy cleaning themselves, but the agent/landlord was not happy with the condition of the property. One of the most common reasons is cobwebs and dust on lighting fixtures and high ceiling corners. Many of the older houses in London are built with high ceilings, which are indeed hard to reach without some props. However, this isn’t a good enough excuse to leave dirt in the property when you move out. So make sure you get a ladder and use the vacuum cleaner to get the cobwebs and dust off the ceiling and lighting fixtures.

3. Forgetting the Outside Areas

If you’ve lived in a house or a ground floor flat you will likely be required to clean the outside areas of the property before your departure. This may include a small patio, a garden, a driveway, a garage, etc. Everything should be well detailed in your tenancy agreement and check-in report. Use them as a guide when you are doing the end of tenancy cleaning to avoid skipping any important detail that may cost you deposit deductions. Again, if you hire professional cleaners, provide them with these documents just to make sure you have everything covered as required by your landlord or letting agency.

4. Not Washing the Carpets Last

Some people make the terrible mistake to wash the carpets first or before they’ve completed all other cleaning work in the property. Washing the carpets should be literally the last thing you do before you leave the property for good. Otherwise, you can cause even more damage by walking on them wet or dusting other areas.

5. Scrubbing the Walls

Contrary to popular belief, removing stains from walls is not included in end of tenancy cleaning services. This is because scrubbing the walls can make them look worse than before as the paint often comes out with the stain. If you are worried that your agent or landlord will deduct money from your deposit because your little ones decided to create art on the walls, your best option is to repaint them. Don’t try to use tricks and cleaning hacks, especially if you are not a professional. It would be much cheaper to buy a bucket of paint and a roller and spend a few hours bringing those walls back to what they were before you moved in.

Everything about end of tenancy cleaning is in the details. You must be really attentive and avoid tiny mistakes that can have big impact on your deposit. If unsure you can cope with all this pressure, there’s always a better solution – hiring a professional. Cleaning companies are experienced in providing such services, they’ve worked with many letting agencies and the really good ones are able to provide even a deposit return guarantee subject to specific conditions. If that’s something you may be interested in, we suggest calling or emailing us to discuss your end of tenancy and other cleaning needs.

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